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Graduate Certificate in Music Education 

29 credit hours

This certificate is intended for music teachers who want to continue their professional growth beyond the master’s degree. The focus of the certificate is on pedagogical knowledge that can be applied in a variety of educational settings. 

This is a financial aid eligible certificate.

Admission Requirements

The applicant must have a master’s degree in music or music education and at least three years of teaching experience.

Although no auditions or entrance examinations in music history and theory are required for admission to this certificate, enrollment in certain graduate music courses may require an audition or entrance examination.

For additional information, see "Admission Requirements" under Graduate Certificate Programs in this bulletin.

Grade Requirements

Successful completion of the Certificate in Music Education requires a grade of B or higher in each of the Core and Research courses, a grade of C or higher in all other coursework, and an overall minimum GPA of 3.0.

Other Requirements

Students must enroll in a minimum of 8 credit hours per semester. Upon approval of the director of graduate studies and the music education department, certificate students may transfer up to 6 credit hours of coursework taken for graduate credit at other institutions. No course may be transferred unless the grade is B or higher. Each course to be transferred must be equivalent to a course offered at Indiana University and must have been completed no more than ten years prior to matriculation.

Courses taken in fulfillment of a master’s degree will not count towards this certificate. A student who has previously taken courses required for this certificate must substitute other coursework, subject to approval by the chair of the music education department and the director of graduate studies. With permission of the chair of the music education department, students may subsequently count courses in pursuit of or in fulfillment of this certificate towards a doctorate.

Students in this certificate program are subject to the provisions of graduate academic standing in the Jacobs School of Music.

Time Limits

Students must complete all requirements within seven years from the date of first enrollment. Students may count IU doctoral coursework toward this certificate regardless of this time limit, provided they are currently in good standing in the doctoral program.

Music Education Core

9 credit hours

  • E518 Foundations of Music Education (3 cr.)
  • 6 credit hours selected from:
    • E517 Sociology of Music (3 cr.)
    • E530 Learning Processes in Music (3 cr.)
    • E535 Measurement, Evaluation, and Guidance in Music (3 cr.)
    • E618 History, Curriculum, and Philosophy of Music Education (3 cr.)
    • E619 Psychology of Music (3 cr.)
    • E635 College Music Teaching (3 cr.)

Music Education Techniques

6 credit hours selected from:

  • E521 The Children’s Chorus (3 cr.)
  • E522 Music in Early Childhood (3 cr.)
  • E524 Exploratory Teaching in General Music K–12 (3 cr.)
  • E527 Advanced Instrumental Methods (3 cr.)
  • E528 Advanced Choral Methods and Materials (3 cr.)
  • E540 Topics in General Music (3 cr.)
  • E571-E572-E573 Kodály Concept I-II-III (3-3-3 cr.)
  • E580 Methods and Materials for Teaching String Music (3 cr.)
  • E581 Methods and Materials for Teaching Instrumental Jazz (3 cr.)
  • E582 Methods and Materials for Teaching Vocal Jazz (3 cr.)           


2 credit hours

  • E520 Reading and Writing Research in Music Education (2 cr.)

Other Music Courses

12 credit hours selected from any of the previous areas or, with permission of the chair of the music education department and the director of graduate studies, other graduate courses within or outside of the Jacobs School of Music for which the student has the necessary background.

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