Undergraduate Division

Bachelor of Science Degrees

Music and an Outside Field (Jazz Studies Emphasis)

This degree is offered for the following majors: bass (O411), guitar (O412), percussion (O413), piano (O414), saxophone (O421), trumpet (O431), trombone (O432), and voice (O441).

Admission Requirements

See "Admission Requirements" in the Undergraduate Division section of this bulletin.

Major Ensemble

X40 University Instrumental Ensembles (2 cr.) (instrumentalists) or X70 University Choral Ensembles (2 cr.) (vocalists) each fall and spring semester. A minimum of four semesters of jazz ensemble is required for instrumentalists.

Chamber Ensemble

O450 Jazz Chamber Ensemble (1-1-1-1 cr.).

Performance Study

Minimum of 2 credit hours each semester until senior recital is passed. Entrance audition; juries each semester, with the upper-division examination serving as one of the juries in the sophomore year; senior recital. I300 Studio Masterclass (0 cr.) and/or I301 Departmental Masterclass (0 cr.) may be required in connection with performance study (varies by studio).

Secondary Piano and Keyboard Proficiency

The sequence of piano courses required for all jazz majors who are not jazz piano majors is:

  • P111 Piano Class 1, Music Majors (2 cr.)
  • P121 Piano Class 2, Music Majors (2 cr.)
  • P201 Jazz Piano Class 1 (2 cr.)
  • P202 Jazz Piano Class 2 (2 cr.)

Entering students take an examination placing them into the appropriate course in the sequence. All non-piano jazz majors are required to complete P202 with a grade of B or higher. A keyboard proficiency examination is required of jazz piano majors.

Core Music Courses

11 credit hours

  • Music Fundamentals Online or equivalent
  • One course from the following, based on an examination to determine the appropriate course in the sequence:
    • T132 Musical Skills I (1 cr.)
    • T231 Musical Skills II (1 cr.)
    • T232 Musical Skills III (1 cr.)
    • T331 Musical Skills IV (1 cr.)
  • T251 Music Theory and Literature III (3 cr.)
  • T252 Music Theory and Literature IV (3 cr.)
  • M402 History and Literature of Music II (4 cr.)
  • Or equivalent honors courses

A grade of C or higher is required in T132 Musical Skills I, T231 Musical Skills II, T232 Musical Skills III, and T331 Musical Skills IV.

Jazz Major Courses

22 credit hours

  • M390 Jazz History 1: Origins to 1959 (3 cr.)
  • M391 Jazz History 2: 1959 to the present (3 cr.)
  • O101 Fundamentals of Jazz Theory (1 cr.)
  • O213 Jazz Listening and Ear Training (3 cr.)
  • O214 Jazz Harmony (3 cr.)
  • O215 Fundamentals of Jazz Composition (2 cr.)
  • O316 Jazz Arranging 1 (2 cr.)
  • O321 Jazz Improvisation 1 (2 cr.)
  • O322 Jazz Improvisation 2 (2 cr.)
  • O460 Undergraduate Jazz Capstone and Portfolio (1 cr.)
General Education

See "General Education Requirements" under Curricula for Bachelor's Degrees in Music in this bulletin.

Natural & Mathematical Sciences

  • A100 Foundations of Audio Technology (3 cr.)
Outside Field

27 credit hours, subject to approval of the director of undergraduate studies and the advisor of the outside field department or program.

To Complete Degree

Music or non-music electives as needed to bring the total credit hours to 120, excluding I400 and major ensemble.

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