Graduate Division

Diploma Programs in Performance

Performer Diploma, Chamber Music

Admission Requirements

Open to majors in violin, viola, and cello.

For additional information, see "Diploma Programs in Performance" in the Graduate Division section of this bulletin.

Performance Study

Major-level lessons (3-8 cr.) each fall and spring semester of enrollment. Emphasis will be on chamber music repertoire.

Major Ensemble

X40 University Instrumental Ensembles (2 cr.) each fall and spring semester.

Chamber Music Course

M669 Seminar in String Quartet Literature (2 cr.) each fall and spring semester, concurrent with F550 Chamber Music (0 cr.).

Music Courses

6 credit hours of courses in music, including 2 credit hours of U550 Music Career Development and 1 credit hour of U590 Topics in Graduate Music Study (Music Career Development). The remaining 3 credit hours may be courses at the undergraduate or graduate level for which the student has the necessary prerequisites. Courses selected must be approved by the director of graduate studies.


I613 Performer Diploma Chamber Music Recital (0 cr.), approved according to the hearing procedures for Master of Music recitals.

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