Graduate Division

Admission Requirements

Start Semester and Deferral

A specific start semester is listed in an offer of admission.  If unforeseen circumstances arise, a student may request deferral of the admission for up to one year past the original start semester. A written request for deferral must be made to the Office of Music Admissions and Financial Aid and the request must be reviewed by the Jacobs School of Music Admissions and Recruitment Committee, which may approve or reject the request. 

The deadline to a request deferral is two weeks prior to the semester start date. If the deferral is requested after class registration has taken place, the student must also drop all classes via the online student registration system.

Financial aid offers, including Associate Instructor or Graduate Assistant positions, are not deferrable. Instead, the student will be reviewed for merit-based financial aid opportunities with the cohort for the new start semester.

Students who do not request a deferral and who do not matriculate in the original start semester must reapply and repeat entrance auditions and other requirements if wishing to enroll in a future semester. Students who are granted an approved deferral but who do not matriculate within one year of the original start semester must reapply (and repeat entrance auditions and other admission requirements) if they wish to enroll in a future semester.

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