Major Ensembles

  • MUS X2 Piano Accompanying (2 cr.) For BM piano majors who have passed the upper-division examination and for piano and collaborative piano majors in the MM, AD, PDSP, and PDCP programs.
  • MUS X30 Ballet Ensemble (2 cr.) P: Must be ballet major. Required of all ballet students; elective for students outside the Jacobs School of Music with consent of instructor. Rehearsals for ballet and opera production.
  • MUS X40 University Instrumental Ensembles (2 cr.)

    Bands: There are three concert bands (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band), and Marching Hundred.

    Guitar Ensembles: There are two guitar ensembles for guitar majors.

    Jazz Ensembles: There are four large jazz ensembles: three big bands and the Latin Jazz Ensemble.

    Orchestras: There are four symphony orchestras (Philharmonic, Concert, Symphony, and University), a chamber orchestra, a Baroque/Classical (period instrument) orchestra, and the New Music Ensemble.

  • MUS X50 Marching Hundred for Non-Music Majors (2 cr.) Open to all enrolled students on the Bloomington campus.
  • MUS X60 Historical Performance Ensembles (2 cr.)

    Concentus: A mixed instrumental/vocal ensemble configured to fit a broad range of repertories from before 1650. Required of all historical performance majors not performing in Baroque Orchestra or Classical Orchestra.

    Baroque Orchestra: Studies and performs repertory from c.1600-c.1750.

    Classical Orchestra: Studies and performs pre-classical and classical works from c.1750-c.1830.

  • MUS X70 University Choral Ensembles (2 cr.) Choral ensembles include the Oratorio Chorus, University Singers, University Chorale, NOTUS—Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Singing Hoosiers, and Opera Chorus.
  • MUS X90 Audio Technical Crew (2 cr.) P: For Audio Engineering and Sound Production majors only. Required of all audio engineering and sound production majors.
  • MUS X91 String Repair Technical Crew (2 cr.) Required of all string instrument technology majors. Supervised execution of repair and maintenance techniques for string instruments.

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