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Music Information Technology

  • MUS N561 MIDI and Computer Music (3 cr.) P: Graduate standing. Basics of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface system, its software, and instruments commonly used with desktop MIDI workstations (synthesizers, digital samplers). In-depth study of MIDI sequencing, digital audio editing, and the architecture of electronic instruments. A final project and a paper on a computer music topic are required.
  • MUS N562 Computer Music: Design/Perform (3 cr.) P: N561 Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music or equivalent experience and permission of instructor. Projects in fixed-media computer music composition (with and without video) and live electronic music performance. Field recording, audio editing, sampling, effects processing, mixing, mastering, video synchronization, methods of synthesis, virtual instrument design, real-time hardware control of audio, live video processing.
  • MUS N569 Independent Research in Music Information Technology (3 cr.) P: Admission to the Music Information Technology minor. Independent research in music information technology.

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