Undergraduate Division

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Available Credit Certificates

Certificate courses will ordinarily be offered following the regular academic calendar. Check the Schedule of Classes for availability. IU Bloomington students may use individual certificate courses in any appropriate way towards both degree requirements and a certificate unless otherwise specified.

Certificate in Analog Audio Electronics

12 credit hours

  • A111 Electronics I (3 cr.)
  • A112 Electronics II (3 cr.)
  • A211 Electronics III (3 cr.)
  • A212  Electronics IV (3 cr.)
Certificate in Rock History

18 credit hours

  • Z200 History of the Blues (3 cr.)
  • Z201 History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music I (3 cr.)
  • Z202 History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music II (3 cr.)
  • Z203 History of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music III (3 cr.)
  • 6 credit hours chosen from:
    • Z401 The Music of the Beatles (3 cr.)
    • Z402 Music of Frank Zappa (3 cr.)
    • Z403 Music of Jimi Hendrix (3 cr.)
    • Z404 The Music of Bob Dylan (3 cr.)
    • Z405 The Music of the Beach Boys (3 cr.)

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