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General Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees

Honors Program

The Jacobs School of Music makes a special effort to offer outstanding students opportunities appropriate to their abilities and interests. In addition to special courses, seminars, ensembles, and honors discussion sections, the Jacobs School of Music offers a formal program leading to the BM, BME, or BS degree with honors. Students who have completed 86 credit hours, including at least 30 from Indiana University, with a grade point average of 3.5; who have completed or are currently enrolled in T232 Musical Skills III, T252 or T262 Music Theory and Literature IV, and M401 History and Literature of Music I or M402 History and Literature of Music II; and who have successfully completed their upper-division examination, should apply for admission to the program the following year.

To graduate with honors, students must:

  1. complete all degree requirements with a minimum grade point average of 3.5; and
  2. complete N399 Honors Seminar in Music and N499 Honors Project in Music with a grade of B or higher.

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