Admission Requirements

Visiting Students
A limited number of graduate-level students with interest in advanced work in music performance or academic study may be admitted as visiting students, subject to the following:
  1. Graduate visiting students in performance areas must audition for a faculty committee and be accepted by a particular faculty member for instruction. The audition is not required for students visiting only for the summer, but they must still be accepted by an individual faculty member. Visiting students who wish to continue study during the regular academic year must audition for a faculty committee. Graduate visiting students in non-performance areas must be accepted by that department. All applicants must be approved by the Admissions and Recruitment Committee of the Jacobs School of Music. Visiting students are not required to take proficiency examinations in music theory, music history and literature, or English.
  2. Graduate visiting students must register for a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester (4 credit hours in the summer) which must include a major ensemble course.
  3. Graduate visiting students may attend a maximum of two semesters during the academic year and four summer terms.
  4. Graduate visiting students are not eligible for financial aid from the Jacobs School of Music during the fall and spring semesters.
  5. Credits earned as a graduate visiting student may be applied toward a degree or diploma only with the permission of the director of graduate studies. Graduate visiting students wishing to change to degree or diploma status must complete the application process of the Jacobs School of Music and Indiana University.

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