Admission Requirements

Admission Decisions

Upon receipt of the completed application, Graduate Record Examination test scores (if required), transcript, and audition or interview results, the Jacobs School of Music Admissions and Recruitment Committee may grant regular admission or admission on probation, or it may reject the application. Certain departments have additional requirements for regular admission to their majors. See individual degrees for further information.

A student who does not have an undergraduate and graduate grade point average of 3.0 or better may be admitted on probation in exceptional cases. Probationary students must be enrolled full time during their first semester and must achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for that semester. Students who are admitted on probation and who incur academic probation during their first semester of study are subject to dismissal. See Academic Standing - Graduate.

Students who do not matriculate within one year of acceptance must repeat entrance auditions and other admission requirements.

Applicants admitted to a master's or doctoral degree who are currently enrolled in another IU music program may be eligible to use courses taken during the final semester of their current program toward their new program. Restrictions are listed on the Music Graduate Office web site:

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Students are ordinarily subject to the curricular requirements outlined in the Bulletin in effect at the start of their current degree. See below for links to previous Bulletins.