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Academic Regulations  

Extended-X Policy 

Undergraduate students may petition for a grade substitution under the amended FX (Extended-X) policy. Undergraduate students may retake a course for which they received a grade below an A. A student may exercise this option for no more than three courses, totaling no more than 10 credits. A student may use this option only once for a given course. The student’s transcript shall record both grades. For the course retaken, only the second grade shall be counted in the determination of the student’s grade point average (GPA). Any GPA calculated in accord with this policy is marked with an asterisk denoting that a lower grade has been replaced by a second grade in the course. In the Jacobs School of Music, performance study at the 400 level, masterclass (I500), and ensemble (X0—) are ineligible for this type of grade petition.


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