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Academic Regulations  

Academic and Professional Conduct 

All students at Indiana University are responsible for knowing the rules governing academic and personal conduct in the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Code procedures for the Bloomington campus are available at The rules about academic honesty are important for everyone, but students who are new to the education system in the United States should be especially sure to read and understand them because the expectations here may be different from those to which they are accustomed.

Each student is expected to adhere to high professional, ethical, and academic standards, and the Jacobs School of Music may dismiss from its programs any student who fails to do so. In general, it is assumed that all academic work (such as papers, essays, quizzes, tests, oral reports, projects, compositions, dissertations, documents, and performances) is a student’s original work. Collaboration is sometimes permitted for certain assignments in some courses. Students should always make certain that they understand what an instructor expects for a particular assignment. It is also assumed that material borrowed or quoted from other sources (including from books, articles, the Web, and elsewhere) will be acknowledged and cited.

The penalties for academic and personal misconduct are severe, and can include dismissal from the university. Students with questions about the rules and the disciplinary procedures for the Bloomington campus are welcome to ask the directors of undergraduate or graduate studies.

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