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Admission Requirements  

University Requirements for Incoming Freshmen 

The standards listed below represent the minimum levels of preparation and achievement necessary to be considered for admission. Most admitted students exceed these minimum levels. Each application is reviewed individually. When making admission decisions, the university is primarily concerned with the depth and challenge of the college-preparatory program, including the senior year; grade trends in the college-preparatory subjects; and the student’s class rank. Students whose records fall slightly below the minimum standards may receive serious consideration if their grades have been steadily improving in a challenging college-preparatory program. Conversely, declining grades or a program of less demanding courses are often reasons to deny admission.

High School Graduation

Applicants generally need a high school diploma from an accredited secondary school. Applicants holding a General Equivalency Diploma should submit the GED score. Credentials from homeschooling or from a non-accredited or nonpublic high school are assessed individually.

Academic Preparation

All prospective students must complete the following basic curriculum:

  • 8 semesters of English: Literature, grammar, and composition. (Up to two semesters from journalism and/or speech count toward the English requirement.)
  • 6 semesters of mathematics: Algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra.
  • 2 semesters of laboratory science: Biology, chemistry, or physics.
  • 4 semesters of social science: History, government, economics, psychology, or sociology.
Indiana Residents

Applicants who are Indiana residents should complete Core 40; an academic honors diploma is strongly encouraged. A minimum of 28 semesters of college-preparatory courses must be completed. These include the course work listed, plus 8 semesters in some combination of foreign language and/or additional math, lab science, or social science.

Out-of State Residents

Applicants who are not Indiana residents should complete a minimum of 32 semesters of college-preparatory courses. That includes the course work listed in the “Academic Preparation” section on this page, plus 12 semesters in some combination of foreign language and/or additional mathematics, lab science, or social science.

Class Rank

Indiana residents should rank at least in the upper half of their school class; nonresidents generally rank at least in the upper third.

  • Indiana residents should score at or above the state average on the SAT (current total 990) or ACT (composite of 21).
  • Nonresident applicants usually score a total of 1100 or higher on the SAT or have an ACT composite score of at least 25.

(Note: If the applicant submits more than one set of scores, the highest SAT and/or ACT scores will be recorded.)

International Students

To be admitted, international students must complete above-average work in their supporting programs. Applicants whose native language is not English must submit the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 560 (paper-based), 223 (computer-based) or 84 (Internet-based) is necessary for regular admission to a degree program. International students are required to take the Indiana University English Proficiency Examination and must register for any supplemental English courses prescribed based on the results of this examination or, if necessary, enroll in the intensive English language program.


For additional information, contact the Office of Admissions, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405; (812) 855- 0661; iuadmit@indiana.edu; www.indiana. edu/~iuadmit/.

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