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School of Music 2003-2005 Online Bulletin Table of Contents

School of Music 2003-2005 Graduate Academic Bulletin

Office of Admissions 
School of Music 
Indiana University 
1201 East 3rd St-MU101 
Bloomington, IN 47405 
Local (812) 855-7998 
Fax (812) 856-6086 
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Academic Conduct
Academic Probation, Graduate
Academic Probation, Undergraduate
Academic Standing, Graduate
Academic Standing, Undergraduate
Addition of Courses
Admission Categories, Graduate
Admission Requirements, Graduate
Admission Requirements, Undergraduate
Advisory Committee, Doctoral
Application for Graduate Degrees or Diplomas
Application for Graduation, Undergraduate
Artist Diploma
Assignments for Music Performance Study and Lessons
Associate of Science, Recording Arts
Associate of Science, Costume Construction Technology
Associate of Science, Stagecraft Technology
Associate of Science, String Instrument Technology
Audio Degrees
Audit Policy

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Bachelor's Degrees, General Requirements
Bachelor's Degrees, Second
Bachelor of Arts (music major)
Bachelor of Music Degrees
Bachelor of Music, Composition
Bachelor of Music, Early Music (Instrumental Emphasis)
Bachelor of Music, Early Music (Vocal Emphasis)
Bachelor of Music, Jazz Studies
Bachelor of Music, Orchestral Instrument or Guitar
Bachelor of Music in Performance, Organ
Bachelor of Music in Performance, Piano
Bachelor of Music in Performance, Voice
Bachelor of Music in Performance, Woodwind Instruments (Multiple)
Bachelor of Music Education Degrees
Bachelor of Music Education, Choral Teaching
Bachelor of Music Education, General Music Teaching
Bachelor of Music Education, Instrumental Teaching—Band
Bachelor of Music Education, Instrumental Teaching—Strings
Bachelor of Science Degrees
Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts
Bachelor of Science in Ballet
Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field
Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (Ballet Emphasis)
Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (Composition Emphasis)
Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (Jazz Emphasis)
Bachelor of Science in Music, Opera Scenic Technique
Ballet Courses
Ballet Degrees
Brass, Graduate Degrees

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Certificate Programs
Chamber Music, Coaching and Accompanying Courses
Change of Curriculum
Change of Degree Requirements
Change of Grade
Check List
Choral Conducting, Graduate Degrees
Church Music Courses
Class Instruction in Performance
Class Standing
Composition, Graduate Degrees
Composition Courses
Conditional Admission
Conducting Courses
Correspondence Study
Courses in the School of Music
Credit by Examination
Credit Hour Requirements, Doctoral
Credit Hour Requirements, Master's
Curricula for Bachelor's Degrees in Music
Curricula for Graduate Degrees in Music
Curricula for Music-Related Graduate Degrees

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Diploma Programs in Performance
Dismissal, Graduate Dismissal, Undergraduate
Dissertation and Document
Doctoral Curricula, Structure
Doctoral Degrees, General Requirements
Dress, Official

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Early Music, Graduate Degrees
Ensemble Courses
Ensemble Policy
Examinations and Goals in Performance
Extended-X Grades

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Faculty of the School of Music
FN Grades

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General Education Requirements
Grade Requirements, Doctoral
Grade Requirements, Master's
Graduate Division
Graduation with Distinction
Guitar, Graduate Degrees

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Harp, Graduate Degrees
Hearings and Recitals
Honors Courses
Honors Program

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Incompletes and Deferred Grades
Indiana University General Policies
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis Music Faculty
Instrumental Conducting, Graduate Degrees
Instruments, Use of School of Music

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Jazz Studies, Graduate Degrees
Juries: See Examinations and Goals in Performance

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Keyboard Proficiency, Graduate
Keyboard Proficiency, Undergraduate

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Language Proficiencies or Tool Subjects
Library, Music
Load, Minimum and Maximum

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Master of Arts and Master of Library Science; Master of Music and Master of Library Science
Master of Arts, Arts Administration Major (through University Graduate School)
Master of Science in Ballet
Master of Science in Music Technology (IUPUI)
Master of Science in Music, Music Theater Scenic Techniques
Master of Science in Music, Stage Direction for Opera
Master's Curricula, Structure
Master's Degrees, General Requirements
Minor for Students Whose Majors Are Outside the School of Music, Doctoral
Minor for Students Whose Majors Are Outside the School of Music, Undergraduate
Minor in Composition, Doctoral
Minor in Early Music, Doctoral
Minor in Jazz Studies, Doctoral
Minor in Music Education, Doctoral
Minor in Music History and Literature, Doctoral
Minor in Music Information Technology, Doctoral
Minor in Music Theory, Doctoral
Minor in Musicology, Doctoral
Minor in Stage Direction for Opera, Doctoral
Minor in Voice, Doctoral
Mission Statement
Music Education, Graduate Degrees
Music Education, Master Class
Music Education and Pedagogy Courses
Music History and Literature Entrance Proficiency, Graduate
Music Information Technology Courses
Music Literature Courses
Music Performance Proficiency, Graduate
Music Technology Courses
Music Theory, Graduate Degrees
Music Theory Courses
Music Theory Entrance Proficiency, Graduate
Musicology, Graduate Degrees
Musicology and Music History Courses

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Nonmajor Academic and Performance Courses

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Opera Courses
Opera Technical Degrees
Organ, Graduate Degrees
Organ and Church Music, Graduate Degrees
Organizations and Services
Outreach and Research Units within the School of Music
Outside Instruction and Performance

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Pass/Fail Option
Percussion, Graduate Degrees
Performance Study, Graduate Courses
Performance Study, Undergraduate Courses
Performance Study and Performance-Related Policies
Performer Diploma
Performer Diploma in Professional Opera Studies
Performer's Certificate
Piano, Graduate Degrees
Probation, Academic—Graduate
Probation, Academic—Undergraduate
Probation, Admission on
Proficiency Examinations, Graduate
Public Performances, Doctoral

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Qualifying Examinations, Doctoral

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Recital Requirements, Doctoral
Recitals, Course Numbers
Recitals, Hearings
Recitals, Length
Recording Arts and Audio Technology Courses
Registration after Admission to Candidacy
Regulations and Procedures
Research Committee, Doctoral
Residence Requirement, Doctoral
Residence Requirement, Master's
Residence Requirement, Undergraduate
Resident/Nonresident Student Status, 95
Returning Students

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Scholarships, Undergraduate
Scholarships, Graduate
School of Education Courses
School of Music Requirements for Incoming Freshmen
School of Music Requirements for Transfer Students
String Technical Degree
Strings, Graduate Degrees
Styles Examination

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Teaching Certification
Techniques Courses
Time Limit, Undergraduate
Time Limit for Acceptance, Graduate
Time Limit for Degree Completion, Master's
Time Limits, Doctoral
Tool Subjects
Transfer to Other IU Campuses
Transfer Credit, Doctoral
Transfer Credit, Master's
Transfer Credit, Undergraduate
Tuition and Fees

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Unclassified Courses
Undergraduate Admissions Policy, Indiana University
Undergraduate Division
University Requirements for Incoming Freshmen
University Requirements for Transfer Students
Upper-Division Examination

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Visiting Students, Graduate
Visiting Students, Undergraduate
Voice, Graduate Degrees

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Wind Conducting, Graduate Degrees
Withdrawal from Courses
Woodwinds, Graduate Degrees
Woodwinds (Multiple), Graduate Degrees

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