Kelley Undergraduate Program

Elective and Academic Success Courses

Business Course Electives

  • BUS-X 170, How Business Works (3cr.): This course will focus on three elements of importance.  It will address real and contemporary business organizations/products/issues; it is decision-oriented rather than just a descriptive course; and, the course will emphasize integration and how the various functions of business relate to one another.
  • BUS-X 100, Business Administration, Introduction (3 cr.): Business administration from the standpoint of the manager of a business firm operating in the contemporary economic, political, and social environment. No credit for juniors or seniors in the Kelley School.
  • BUS-G 100, Business in the Information Age (3cr.): This course is designed to provide students with an introductory survey of business practices, public policy, and economic information. Major topics include understanding the U.S. economic system, wealth creation, business structures, business ethics, entrepreneurship, key business disciplines, the role of government and the current economic environment both domestic and global.
  • BUS–L 100 Personal Law (3 cr.) Effects of law on everyday lives. Topics may include family law, criminal offenses and traffic violations, personal injury and property damage claims, employee rights, landlord-tenant law, consumer rights, debt collection, selected real and personal property issues, wills and estates, selected contract law issues, and forms of business organization (partnership, proprietorship, and corporation).

Academic Success Courses Taught by the School of Education:

  • EDUC-X 101, Topic: Learning Strategies for MATH-M 118 (2 credits):Instruction and guided practice in techniques for learning from printed materials. Emphasis is on graining information from text and practical retrieval and discussion of concepts. Much of the work is done on an individual basis.
  • EDUC-X 150, Topic: Becoming The Best Student (2 credits):An academic booster shot for students who need to quickly and drastically ramp-up their performance and increase their academic success in all their classes.
  • EDUC-X 152, Topic: Learning Strategies For Accounting (BUS-A 100) (1 credit)Students must be co-enrolled in a section of Accounting, BUS-A 100 during the same eight week term.
  • EDUC-X 156, Topic: College and Life Long Learning (2 credits):This course features peer coaching. Students enrolled in this class will meet once per week as a class and once per week one-on-one with a trained undergraduate peer coach at a time mutually convenient. The peer coach will assist enrolled students with goal setting, academic habits such as time management, and learning about achieving the results they want. Graded S/F. May be repeated.

Academic Bulletins

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