Departments & Centers



Chairperson Professor Koceja
Associate Chairpersons Clinical Professor Schrader, Academic Specialist Willett
Professors Cothran, Dapena, Fielding, Koceja, Raglin, J. Shea, Stager, Wallace, Wilkerson
Associate Professors Frey, Hamm, Kozub, Mickleborough, Pedersen, Sailes
Assistant Professors Docherty, Johnston, Lim,
Clinical Professor Schrader
Clinical Associate Professors Chapin, Grove
Clinical Assistant Professors Beeker, Henson, Klossner, E. Shea
Clinical Lecturer Miller
Lecturers Aungst, Chapman, Cousins, Kennedy-Armbruster, Morgan, Williams
Visiting Lecturers Kelly, Lion, Carter
Academic Specialists Kessler, Pearce, Simmons, Willett

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Academic Bulletins