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Nutrition and Dietetics

Graduate Faculty
Master of Science in Medical Sciences
Courses in Nutrition and Dietetics


Clinical Professor Jacquelynn M. O’Palka*

Departmental URL:

Graduate Faculty

Mary Sue Brady,* Louise Irwin (Emerita), Karyl Rickard, Arlene Wilson (Emerita)

Associate Professor
Judith Ernst*

Assistant Professor
Ada Van Ness (Emerita)

Graduate Advisor
Jacquelynn O’Palka, 114 Ball Residence, 1226 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5180, (317) 278-0934, e-mail: jopalka@iupui.edu.

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Master of Science in Medical Sciences

The program is located at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis and utilizes facilities throughout central Indiana. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for health care professionals to deepen their knowledge base and practice skills, particularly in the area of clinical nutrition. The curriculum is designed for the student who has a special interest in health promotion, the nutritional requirements and provision of nutrition therapy in acute and chronic conditions or in the care of special populations such as preterm infants. Program affiliations throughout central Indiana provide the opportunity for the student to work with patient populations in both outpatient and inpatient settings, as well as with the general public. Students may specialize in either adult or pediatric nutrition. This curriculum will not prepare the student to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietitians.

Course Requirements
Students will be required to take graduate-level courses in biochemistry, statistics or biostatistics, and physiology. Other courses and clinical study (open only to students who are registered dietitians) may be selected from the graduate-level offerings of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program and from other schools and departments on the Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis campus.

Degree Requirements
Minimum Requirements for the Degree To earn the M.S. degree, a minimum of 37 credit hours (43 if the Pediatric Nutrition Fellowship is included) at the graduate level are required. Candidates for this degree may petition to apply up to 8 credit hours of graduate work from other institutions or programs to this degree. A thesis is required.

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, a minimum grade point average of B (3.00 on a 4.00 scale) overall, an appropriate level of achievement on the Graduate Record Examination, a current health care practice credential or proof of completion of an undergraduate major in nutrition and dietetics and three letters of recommendation addressed to the Nutrition and Dietetics Program.

The applicant must submit a completed application form to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, along with two copies of transcripts from all universities attended. Indiana University graduates should request that the Registrar’s Office send unofficial copies of their transcript. Non-Indiana University graduates must submit at least one official transcript from each university attended. A current health care practice credential or proof of completion of an undergraduate major in nutrition and dietetics is required. A nonrefundable application fee is required. Applications and further information may be obtained by writing to the following address:

Office of Research and Graduate Studies
School of Allied Health Sciences
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
1140 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119
Grade Requirement
A minimum of a 3.00 (B) grade point average in graduate work is required for continuance in graduate study. When the grade point average of a student falls below 3.00 or the student is not making sufficient progress toward the degree, the Allied Health Graduate Studies Committee will review the student’s record and recommend to the dean that the student be placed on probation. Unless the student achieves a 3.00 grade point average, or begins making satisfactory progress, in the next semester of enrollment, the student will not ordinarily be allowed to continue in the graduate program. For more information about academic regulations, contact the program director.

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Allied Health (3 credits)
AHLT W510 Trends and Issues in Allied Health

Basic Sciences (7 credits)
BIOC B500 Biochemistry
PHSL F503 Human Physiology

Professional (12 credits)
AHLT N550Human Nutritional Pathophysiology I (required for all students)

Adult emphasis
AHLT N552 Human Nutritional Pathophysiology II

Pediatric emphasis
AHLT N570Pediatric Nutrition I
AHLT N572Advanced Pediatric Nutrition


Research (15 credits)

AHLT W 520 Research Methodology in Allied Health
AHLT W 570 Research Communications in Allied Health
AHLT N598Research in Nutrition & Dietetics Program

Total Minimum Credits: 37

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Courses in Nutrition and Dietetics

“P” refers to a course prerequisite and “C” to a course that must be taken concurrently.

AHLT N546 Medical Lectures (cr. arr.) Lectures by professional staff and invited guests in the health care field.
AHLT N550 Human Nutritional Pathophysiology I (3 cr.) P: B500, F503 or BIOL 557, or consent of instructor. An integrated study of the biochemical and physiological aspects of human macronutrient metabolism with special reference to fundamental nutrition issues including determination of nutrient quality, nutrient interrelationships, and energy balance in the normal human adult and in common clinical problems.
AHLT N552 Human Nutritional Pathophysiology II (3 cr.) P: AHLT N550 or consent of instructor. A continuation of AHLT N550. An integrated study of the biochemical and physiological aspects of human fluid and micronutrient metabolism with special reference to nutritional pathophysiology involving fluid and micronutrient metabolism.
AHLT N560 Review of Nutrition Standards (3 cr.) Review of various nutrition standards including those of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the World Health Organization. Course includes a review of all cited literature for one of the nutrients listed in the Recommended Dietary Allowances.
AHLT N570 Pediatric Nutrition I (3 cr.) P: B500, BIOL 557, undergraduate metabolic nutrition course, or consent of instructor. An application of principles of physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition to the specialized nutrient needs and nutritional care of healthy infants, children, and adolescents and those with the most common pediatric conditions/illnesses or disorders of broad nutritional significance.
AHLT N572 Advanced Pediatric Nutrition (3 cr.) P: AHLT N550, AHLT N570, or consent of instructor. An application of principles of physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition to the specialized nutrient needs and nutritional care of infants, both preterm and term, and patients with complex pediatric conditions/illnesses that have a significant nutritional component.
AHLT N591 Seminar in Nutrition and Dietetics (1 cr.) Exploration of various topics and issues in nutrition. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 credits.
AHLT N593 Topics in Nutrition (1-3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Exploration of a selected topic in nutrition at an advanced level. May be repeated once for credit if topics differ.
AHLT N595 Readings in Nutrition (1-3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Individualized readings on topics not covered in regular course offerings.
AHLT N596 Clinical Dietetics (cr. arr.) Clinical study in specialized areas of dietetics. May be taken more than once with the consent of the department for a maximum of 15 credit hours.
AHLT N598 Research in Dietetics (cr. arr.) Original research as approved by the department.

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