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Institute for Medieval Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor Sheila Lindenbaum

Departmental URL:

Graduate Faculty

Distinguished Professors
Bruce Cole (History of Art), Edward Grant (Emeritus, History, History and Philosophy of Science), Thomas J. Mathiesen (Music), Mark Musa (Emeritus, French and Italian), Denis Sinor (Emeritus, Central Eurasian Studies)

Ruth N. Halls Professor
Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

Salih Altoma (Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Judith Anderson (English), Theodore Andersson (Emeritus, Germanic Studies), Frank Banta (Emeritus, Germanic Studies), Christopher I. Beckwith (Central Eurasian Studies), Luis Beltrán (Emeritus, Comparative Literature, Spanish and Portuguese), Henry Cooper Jr., (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Lawrence Clopper (English), Alfred David (Emeritus, English), Dyan Elliott (History), Robert Fulk (English), Kari Gade (Germanic Studies), Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis (Comparative Literature, English), Olga Impey (Spanish and Portuguese), Sidney Johnson (Emeritus, Germanic Studies), Eugene Kintgen (English), W. Eugene Kleinbauer (History of Art), Karma Lochrie (English), Consuelo López-Morillas (Spanish and Portuguese), Fedwa Malti-Douglas (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Emanuel Mickel (French and Italian), William Newman (History and Philosophy of Science), Samuel Preus (Emeritus, Religious Studies), Samuel Rosenberg (Emeritus, French and Italian), William Shetter (Emeritus, Germanic Studies), Josep Sobrer (Spanish and Portuguese), Paul Spade (Philosophy), Paul Strohm (Emeritus, English), Ian Thomson (Emeritus, Classical Studies), Stephen Wailes (Germanic Studies), William Wiethoff (Communication and Culture)

Associate Professors
David Brakke* (Religious Studies), Ann Carmichael (History, History and Philosophy of Science), Jamsheed Choksy (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Devin DeWeese* (Central Eurasian Studies), Louise Hammer* (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Jeffrey Huntsman (English), Sheila Lindenbaum* (English), Rosemarie McGerr* (Comparative Literature), Domenico Bertoloni Meli (History and Philosophy of Science), Jacques Merceron* (French and Italian), Larry Moses (Emeritus, Central Eurasian Studies), Leah Shopkow* (History), Hava Tirosh-Samuelson (Religious Studies), Kemal Silay (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Barbara Vance (French and Italian), Martha Vinson* (Classical Studies), John Walbridge (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

Assistant Professors
Scott Alexander* (Religious Studies), Paul Losensky* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)

Academic Advisor
Associate Professor Sheila Lindenbaum, Ballantine Hall 519, (812) 855-6536; e-mail: mest@indiana.edu

Ph.D. Minor in Medieval Studies

Course Requirements
Four courses in medieval studies outside of the student’s major department. These courses must be from at least two different departments and must include one of the courses listed below. The selection of courses should be made in consultation with the director of the institute.

Courses in which a student receives less than a B (3.0) will not count toward the minor.


Area Certificate in Medieval Studies

The Area Certificate in Medieval Studies is designed to allow doctoral students to investigate medieval civilization more extensively than in the Ph.D. minor program.

Course Requirements
Nine courses on the medieval period: four in the student’s major department and five in other departments, two of which should be drawn from the group of courses listed below. The selection of courses not in the student’s major department should be made in consultation with the director of the institute. Students in departments that do not provide the requisite four medieval courses in their disciplines may design an alternative program in consultation with the director of the institute.

Language Requirements
Students must demonstrate advanced proficiency in one of the following languages: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian. Advanced proficiency can be established by taking more than the two advanced courses (e.g., Latin L300 and L400 or L409) or by appropriate advanced exam, or by other means in consultation with the director of the institute. Graduate courses in the medieval period are offered by twelve COAS departments in addition to the Medieval Studies Institute. Students should consult the Schedule of Classes or the Medieval Studies Web site http://www.indiana.edu/~medieval/home.html for a complete list of courses offered in a given semester.

Courses in which a student receives less than a B (3.0) will not count toward the certificate.



M500 Introduction to Medieval Studies (4 cr.) An introduction to issues and practices in the field with some attention to bibliographical tools.
M502 Colloquium in Medieval Studies (4 cr.) Investigation of an interdisciplinary problem in medieval civilization, topic and disciplines to vary, or readings of foundational texts from the period. May be repeated for credit.
M600 Medieval Manuscripts (4 cr.) Paleography, codicology, diplomatics; the study of manuscript production, history, and use. May be repeated for credit.
M700 Seminar in Medieval Studies (4 cr.) Advanced research in specialized topics and problems in the field. May be repeated for credit.
M815 Readings in Medieval Civilization (1-4 cr.)

Classical Studies
L300 Intensive Introduction to Classical and Medieval Latin (3 cr.)
L400 Intensive Study of Literary Latin (3 cr.)
L409 Readings in Medieval Latin (3 cr.)

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