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Library and Information Science

School of Library and Information Science

Professor Blaise Cronin

Graduate Faculty

Distinguished Professors
David Kaser (Emeritus), Herbert White (Emeritus)

Rudy Professor
Blaise Cronin

Stephen Harter (Emeritus), Rob Kling

Associate Professors
Josefa Abrera (Emerita), Daniel Callison, Andrew Dillon, Shirley Fitzgibbons (Emerita), Javed Mostafa,* Marcy Murphy (Emerita), Thomas Nisonger, Verna Pungitore, Judith Serebnick (Emerita), Debora Shaw, George Whitbeck (Emeritus)

Assistant Professors
Elin Jacob,* Uta Priss,* Howard Rosenbaum,* Bob Travica*

Adjunct Professor
Michael McRobbie (Computer Science)

Senior Fellow
Charles H. Davis, Jean Umiker-Sebeok

Visiting Scholar
Elisabeth Davenport*

Graduate Advisor
Director of Doctoral Program Verna Pungitore, University Library 015, (812) 855-3246

Degrees Offered
Doctor of Philosophy, and, jointly with other academic programs, Master of Library Science and Doctor of Jurisprudence; Master of Library Science and masterís degree in art history, comparative literature, history, history and philosophy of science, journalism, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, music theory or musicology, public affairs, and Russian and East European Studies. The School of Library and Information Science also offers the Specialist in Library and Information Science, the Master of Library Science, the Master of Information Science, the Master of Library Science with specialization in African Studies Librarianship, the Master of Library Science with specialization in music, and the Master of Library Science or Master of Information Science with specialization in chemical information degrees. For further information, see the School of Library and Information Science Bulletin.

Special School Requirements

(See also general University Graduate School requirements.)

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Admission Requirements
Bachelorís degree, a combined GRE score of at least 1500 (with 600 or higher on one of the three tests), personal interview, and a grade point average of at least 3.5.

Course Requirements
A total of 90 credit hours, including L701, L702, L710, L790, and L799 dissertation (15 credit hours).

Any area of information science approved by the studentís advisory committee.

A total of 12 to 15 credit hours.

Research Skills
Basic requirement: introductory statistics course and a second graduate course in statistics or a course in research design. The research-skill requirement may then be completed by passing, with a grade of B or better, a third graduate course in statistics or a course in research design.

Qualifying Examination
Written paper and oral presentation, over the field of concentration, emphasizing theory and research methods. Examination over the minor field at the discretion of the minor-field department.

Final Examination
Confined to dissertation and related matters.

Ph.D. Minor in Library and Information Science
The School of Library and Information Science offers an outside minor through the University Graduate School for Ph.D. students in other fields. Ordinarily, students will take from 12 to 15 credit hours of graduate credit in fulfilling this option (minimum: 12 credit hours).


For course descriptions see the School of Library and Information Science Bulletin.

L501 Information and Society (3 cr.)
L503 User Needs and Behavior in Theory and Practice (3 cr.)
L505 Organization and Representation of Knowledge and Information (3 cr.)
L507 The Management of Information Environments (3 cr.)
L509 Introduction to Research and Statistics (3 cr.)
L514 Library Preservation: Principles and Practice (3 cr.)
L515 History of the Book (3 cr.)
L516 Introduction to Archives and Records Management (3 cr.)
L517 History of Libraries (3 cr.)
L520 Bibliographic Access and Control (3 cr.)
L522 Perspectives on Librarianship, Literacy, Communications, and Reading (3 cr.)
L524 Information Sources and Services (3 cr.)
L526 Library Automation (3 cr.)
L528 Collection Development and Management (3 cr.)
L530 Legal Bibliography and Law Library Administration (3 cr.)
L533 Library Materials for Children and Young Adults (3 cr.)
L534 Principles and Techniques of Storytelling (3 cr.)
L535 Library Services for Children and Young Adults (3 cr.)
L542 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) (3 cr.)
L543 Strategic Intelligence (3 cr.)
L544 Information Technology Standardization (3 cr.)
L545 Systems Analysis and Design (3 cr.)
L546 User-Centered Database Design (3 cr.)
L547 The Organizational Information Resource (3 cr.)
L548 Computer Programming for Information Management (3 cr.)
L550 Issues in the Management of Library Services and Programs (3 cr.)
L551 Information Inquiry for School Teachers (3 cr.)
L552 Audio and Video Information Sources and Delivery (3 cr.)
L553 The School Library Media Specialist (3 cr.)
L554 Bibliographic Instruction (3 cr.)
L559 Introduction to Health Sciences Librarianship (3 cr.)
L561 The Information Industry (1-3 cr.)
L562 Information Accounting (3 cr.)
L563 Information Policy, Economics, and Law (1-3 cr.)
L570 Online Information Retrieval (3 cr.)
L571 Information Networking (3 cr.)
L574 Communication in Electronic Information Environments (3 cr.)
L576 Digital Libraries (3 cr.)
L577 Design of Information Systems (3 cr.)
L578 User Interface Design for Information Systems (3 cr.)
L582 Subject Access Systems (3 cr.)
L583 Indexing Theory and Practice (3 cr.)
L584 Technical Services (3 cr.)
L585 Descriptive Bibliography (3 cr.)
L586 Administration of Manuscripts and Personal Papers Collections (3 cr.)
L587 Rare Book Libraries and Librarianship (3 cr.)
L592 Bibliometric Techniques and Problems (3 cr.)
L594 Research in Library Science (cr. arr.)
* L595 Workshop for Librarians and Information Specialists (cr. arr.)
L596 Internship in Library and Information Science (2-6 cr.)
L597 Topics in Library and Information Science (1-4 cr.)
L600 Readings in Library and Information Science (1-4 cr.)
* L605 Seminar in Education for Librarianship and Information Studies (3 cr.)
L608 Seminar in Intellectual Freedom (3 cr.)
L610 International Information Issues (3 cr.)
L620 Topics in Information, Literature, and Bibliography (3 cr.)
L622 Library Materials for Adults (3 cr.)
L623 Information in the Humanities (3 cr.)
L624 Information in Science and Technology (3 cr.)
L625 Information in the Social Sciences (3 cr.)
L628 Government Information: Collection, Organization, and Dissemination (3 cr.)
L629 Business Information Sources (3 cr.)
L630 Seminar in Art Librarianship (3 cr.)
L631 Seminar in Music Librarianship (3 cr.)
L633 Seminar on Issues and Trends in Childrenís or Young Adult Literature (3 cr.)
L641 Information Storage and Retrieval Theory (3 cr.)
L642 Information Usage and the Cognitive Artifact (3 cr.)
L643 Computer Applications in Information Systems (3 cr.)
L651 Evaluation of Resources and Services (3 cr.)
L658 Personnel Management in Libraries and Information Centers (3 cr.)
L697 Advanced Topics in Information Systems (1-4 cr.)
L701 Introduction to Doctoral Research in Library and Information Science (3 cr.)
L702 Research Practicum (2 cr.)
L709 Introduction to Research and Statistics (3 cr.)
L710 Research in Library and Information Science (3-6 cr.)
L763 Research Problems and Methods in Information Science (3 cr.)
L764 Seminar in Information Science (3 cr.)
L765 Research in Information Systems (2-4 cr.)
L790 Seminar in Doctoral Research (3 cr.)
L799 Ph.D. Thesis (cr. arr.)*

Cross-Listed Courses

G732 Bibliography of Sub-Saharan Africa (3 cr.)
Introduction to the bibliography of Africa south of the Sahara, covering major reference works and bibliographies; regional, trade, and national bibliographies; government publications, social sciences, humanities, statistics, rare books, manuscripts, and online databases. Compilation of comprehensive bibliography required.

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