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College of Arts and Sciences

Professor Ruth H. Stone

Departmental URL:

Graduate Faculty

George List (Emeritus, Folklore), Portia Maultsby (Afro-American Studies, Folklore), Lewis Rowell (Music), Ruth M. Stone (Folklore, Music)

Associate Professors
Mellonee Burnim (Afro-American Studies, Folklore), Gloria Gibson (Afro-American Studies, Folklore)

Assistant Professor
Sue Tuohy* (East Asian Languages and Cultures, Folklore)

Ph.D. Minor in Ethnomusicology

The Ethnomusicology Program offers an interdepartmental doctoral minor that enables students to take courses in ethnomusicology from several departments. Students wishing to enroll in the program must first consult with the program director. An advisor will be assigned to each student, taking into consideration the academic interests of each individual.

Graduate students may pursue a ďconcentrationĒ in ethnomusicology at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels through the Department of Folklore; consult the requirements for that department.

Course Requirements
Four approved courses, for a total of 12 credit hours, including two of the four core courses (Folklore F523, F714, F740, and F794) and two courses chosen from the others listed below. All courses first must be approved by the studentís ethnomusicology advisor. With the consent of the advisor, courses other than those listed below may be chosen.

A minimum of a B (3.0) is required in each course that is to count toward the minor.

The studentís advisor from the ethnomusicology faculty must be invited to participate in both the written and oral portions of the qualifying examination. The program director may, however, waive the written portion of the examination providing the studentís performance in the program has been of sufficiently high quality.


Afro-American Studies
A590 Special Topics in Afro-American Studies (Topic: Seminar in Black Religious Music) (3 cr.)
A594 Black Music in America (3 cr.)
A597 Popular Music of Black America (3 cr.)

E305 Introduction to Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
E661 Seminar in Ethnomusicology I ( 3 cr.)
E662 Seminar in Ethnomusicology II (3 cr.)

F523 Fieldwork in Folklore/Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
F600 Asian Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F609 African and Afro-American Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F617 Middle East Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F625 North American Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F635 European Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F638 Latin American Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F640 Native American Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F651 Pacific Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F714 Paradigms of Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
F722 Colloquium in Theoretical Folklore/Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
F731 Archiving Principles and Bibliography in Folklore and Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
F740 History of Ideas in Folklore/Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
F792 Traditional Musical Instruments (3 cr.)
F794 Transcription and Analysis in Folklore/Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
F803 Practicum in Folklore/Ethnomusicology (1-3 cr., 6 cr. max.)
F804 Special Topics in Folklore/Ethnomusicology (1-3 cr.)

M596 Art Music of Black Composers (3 cr.)
T561 Music Theory (Topics: Art Musics of Asia; Art Music of India) (3 cr.)

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