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American Studies

Combined Degree Program
Graduate Faculty
Special Program Requirements
Doctor of Philosophy Degree
Core Courses
Cross-Listed Courses

Combined Degree Program

College of Arts and Sciences

Eva Cherniavsky

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Graduate Faculty

Distinguished Professors
David Baker Jr. (Music), Richard Bauman (Folklore)

Chancellorsí Professors
James Naremore (Communication and Culture), Stephen Stein (Religious Studies)

College Professor
Henry Glassie (Folklore)

Judith Allen (History, Gender Studies), James Andrews (Communication and Culture), Anthony Ardizzone (English), Patrick Baude (Law), John Bodnar (History), Sarah Burns (Fine Arts), Stephen Conrad (Law), Raymond DeMallie (Anthropology), Sandra Dolby (Folklore Institute), Lawrence Friedman (History), Carol Greenhouse (Communication and Culture), Michael Grossberg (History), Karen Hanson (Philosophy), Russell Hanson (Political Science), Raymond Hedin (English), David Hertz (Comparative Literature), Jeffrey Isaac (Political Science), Robert Ivie (Communication and Culture), Edward McClellan (Education), James Madison (History), Portia Maultsby (Afro-American Studies), John McCluskey Jr. (Afro-American Studies), Lewis H. Miller (English), Richard B. Miller (Religious Studies), David P. Nord (Journalism), David J. Nordloh (English), Robert Orsi (Religious Studies), Judith Roof (English), David Smith (Religious Studies), Murray Sperber (English), David Thelen (History), Ronald Wainscott (Theatre and Drama), Pamela alters (Sociology), Albert Wertheim (English)

Associate Professors
Christopher Anderson (Communication and Culture), Mellonee Burnim (Afro-American Studies), James Capshew (History and Philosophy of Science), Steven Chermak (Criminal Justice), Eva Cherniavsky (English), Claude Clegg (History), Nick Cullather* (History), Michael Curtin (Communication and Culture), Ellen Dwyer (Criminal Justice), Jonathan Elmer (English), Thomas Foster (English), Wendy Gamber* (History), Gloria Gibson (Afro-American Studies), Joan C. Hawkins* (Communication and Culture), Jeffrey Huntsman (English), David James (Sociology), Barbara Klinger (Communication and Culture, Film Studies), John Lucaites (Communication and Culture), Michelle Moody-Adams (Philosophy), Carol Polsgrove (Journalism), Dennis Senchuk (Philosophy), Lois Silverman* (Recreation and Park Administration), Beverly Stoeltje (Folklore), Steven Stowe (History), Jeff Wasserstrom (History)

Assistant Professors
Purnima Bose (English)*, Paul Gutjahr* (English), Roopali Mukherjee* (Communication & Culture), Robert Terrill* (Communication and Culture)

Senior Scholar/Curator
Kathleen Foster (Fine Arts)

For graduate student information, contact Ballantine Hall 520, phone (812) 855-7748, fax (812) 855-0001, or see http://www.indiana.edu/~amst

Degrees Offered
Doctor of Philosophy, a combined degree program in American Studies and another discipline (for example, anthropology, communication and culture, English, fine arts, folklore, history, history of education, journalism, political science, religious studies, sociology, theatre and drama).

The American Studies Program provides an opportunity to pursue the interdisciplinary study of American society and culture. In the program, students acquire specialized training in one particular discipline as well as firm grounding in interdisciplinary study. They are encouraged to shape portions of their graduate studies to fit individual needs and interests. Courses in the program are also open to graduate students pursuing the masterís degree, special nondegree graduate students, and international students.

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Special Program Requirements

(See also general University Graduate School requirements.)

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Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Students pursuing graduate study in American civilization, American history, American literature, U.S. government or political institutions, as well as comparative studies in American arts, cultures, folklore, or religions or social formations are eligible to apply for admission. Acceptance into the American Studies program is contingent upon prior admission by the cooperating department. Students should therefore apply simultaneously for admission both to American Studies and to that department, indicating a desire to pursue the combined doctoral degree in their statement of purpose, which is to be submitted with the application. Deficiencies in background may be removed by completing specified courses.

Course Requirements
A minimum of 90 credit hours, of which 32 must be in American Studies, including G603, G751, and two additional courses, such as G604, G620, G753, or cross-listed courses outside the studentís home department. The 32 credit hours may include 16-18 credit hours of appropriate courses relevant to American Studies inside the studentís home department. Strong encouragement is given to interdisciplinary diversification. The dissertation (minimum of 15 credit hours) should reflect interdisciplinary study and research.

Qualifying Examination
Students in the combined Ph.D. degree program must take a comprehensive written examination in the field of American Studies in addition to the qualifying examination given in the studentís home department. The examination is to be taken after completion of the American Studies course requirements. The examination may be repeated only once.

Final Examination
The oral defense of the dissertation will be conducted jointly with the studentís home department.

Ph.D. Minor in American Studies
Students choosing American Studies as a minor (minimum 12 credit hours) in their doctoral program must complete G603, G751, and either G604, G620, 4 credit hours in G753, or a cross-listed course outside their home department that has been approved by the program director.

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Core Courses

(May not be fulfilled by cross-listed courses within studentís home department.)

American Studies
G603 Introduction to American Studies (4 cr.) Representative readings in interdisciplinary scholarship; the origins and the development of American Studies and current trends.
G604 Perspectives in American Studies (4 cr.) Survey of perspectives that have been and currently are significant in American Studies.
G620 Colloquium in American Studies (4 cr.) Readings, reports, and discussions on different aspects of American culture. Topics and instructors will change each time the course is offered. May be repeated once for credit.
G751 Seminar in American Studies (3-4 cr.) P: G603. R: G620. Intensive study of specific topics in American culture with emphasis on developing skills in interdisciplinary research. Topics and instructors will change each time the seminar is offered. May be repeated once for credit.
G753 Independent Study (1-4 cr.) P: consent of the director of American Studies and of instructor, who must be a member of the American Studies faculty.

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Cross-Listed Courses

Afro-American Studies
A500 Introduction to Afro-American Studies (4 cr.)
A501 Seminar in the Harlem Renaissance (4 cr.)
A502 Seminar on Wright, Baldwin, and Ellison (4 cr.)
A561 Afro-American Autobiography (3 cr.)
A579 Early Black American Writing (3 cr.)
A580 Contemporary Black American Writing (3 cr.)
A583 Blacks in American Drama and Theatre, 1767-1945 (3 cr.)
A584 Blacks in American Drama and Theatre, 1945-Present (3 cr.)
A585 Seminar in Black Theatre (3 cr.)
A590 Special Topics in Afro-American Studies (3 cr.)
A594 Black Music in America (3 cr.)
A597 Popular Music of Black America (3 cr.)
A678 Early Black American Poetry, 1746-1910 (3 cr.)
A679 Contemporary Black Poetry (3 cr.)
A680 The Black Novel (3 cr.)

E320 Indians of North America (3 cr.)
E329 Indians in the United States in Twentieth Century (3 cr.)
E425 Ethnozoology: Studies in American Indian Subsistence (3 cr.)
E505 Social Organization and Process (3 cr.)
E525 Comparative Ethnology of North America (3 cr.)
P360 Prehistory of North America (3 cr.)
P361 Prehistory of Midwestern United States (3 cr.)
P365 Prehistory of Western North America (3 cr.)

Communication and Culture
S406 The Study of Public Address (3 cr.)
S444 Political Communication (3 cr.)
S537 Public Dialogue in America to 1865 (3 cr.)
S538 Public Dialogue in America, 1865-1945 (3 cr.)
S539 Public Dialogue in America after 1945 (3 cr.)
S630 Studies in Public Address (3 cr.)
S737 Seminar in History of Public Address (3 cr.)
C512 Research and Methods in Media Culture (3 cr.)
C551 Mass Media and Culture (3 cr.)
C593 History of European and American Films I (4 cr.)
C594 History of European and American Films II (4 cr.)
C652 Cultural Dimensions of International Communications (3 cr.)

H504 History of American Education (3 cr.)
H637 Topical Seminar: Women and Education in America (3 cr.)
H637 Topical Seminar: History of Childhood and Education in America (3 cr.)

G651 American English (4 cr.)
L651 American Literature, 1609-1800 (4 cr.)
L653 American Literature, 1800-1900 (4 cr.)
L655 American Literature and Culture 1900-1945 (4 cr.)
L672 Modern American Drama (4 cr.)
L673 Studies in Women and Literature (4 cr.) (when primarily on American subjects)
L680 Special Topics in Literary Study and Theory (4 cr.) (when primarily on American subjects)
L751 Major American Writers, 1700-1855 (4 cr.)
L753 Major American Writers, 1855 to the Present (4 cr.)
L761 American Poetry (4 cr.)
L763 American Fiction (4 cr.)
L779 Literature and Society (4 cr.) (when primarily on American subjects)
L780 Special Studies in English and American Literature (4 cr.) (when on American subjects)

Fine Arts
A445 American Art to 1860 (4 cr.)
A446 American Art, 1860-1900 (4 cr.)
A542 American Painting from the Revolution to World War I (4 cr.)
A548 American Architecture (4 cr.)
A550 History of Photography (4 cr.)
A643 Problems in American Art (4 cr.)
A647 Problems in Contemporary European and American Art (4 cr.)

F625 North American Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F638 Latin American Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)
F640 Native American Folklore/Folk Music (3 cr.)

A301-A302 American Colonial History I-II (3-3 cr.)
A303-A304 United States, 1789-1865 I-II (3-3 cr.)
A313 Origins of Modern America (3 cr.)
A315 United States since World War II (3 cr.)
A317 American Social and Intellectual History (3 cr.)
A321-A322 History of American Thought I-II (3-3 cr.)
A325-A326 American Constitutional History I-II (3-3 cr.)
A329-A330 Social History of American Enterprise I-II (3-3 cr.)
A335-A336 The American Middle West I-II (3-3 cr.) (IUPUI only)
A337-A338 The American Far West I-II (3-3 cr.)
A339-A340 History of the South I-II (3-3 cr.)
A345-A346 American Diplomatic History I-II (3-3 cr.)
A347 American Urban History (3 cr.)
A352 History of Latinos in the United States (3 cr.)
A353-A354 American Economic History I-II (3-3 cr.)
A355-A356 Afro-American History (3-3 cr.)
A361 Studies in American History for Teachers I (3 cr.)
A364 History of Black Americans (3 cr.) (IUPUI only)
A371-A372 History of Indiana I-II (3-3 cr.) (IUPUI only)
A421 Topics in United States History (3 cr.) (IUPUI only)
A507 American Cultural History (3 cr.)
H650 Colloquium in United States History (4 cr.)
H750 Seminar in United States History (4 cr.)

J650 History and Philosophy of the Media (3 cr.)
J651 Qualitative Methods in Mass Communication Research (3 cr.) (when primarily on American subjects)
J653 The Media in the Twentieth Century (3 cr.)
J660 Topics Colloquium (3 cr.) (When primarily on American subjects)

Latin American and Caribbean Studies
L501 Seminar: Contemporary Latin America (3 cr.)

B659 American Legal History (3 cr.)
B756 Race, American Society, and the Law (3 cr.)
B760 Constitutional History Colloquium (3 cr.)
L778 Seminar in American Legal History (2 cr.)

Latin American Studies

Political Science
Y383-Y384 American Political Ideas I, II (3-3 cr.)
Y661 American Politics (3 cr.)
Y665 Public Law and Policy (3 cr.)

Religious Studies
R532 Studies of Religion in American Culture (3 cr.)
R635 Colloquium on North American Religious History (3 cr.)
R735 North American Religions (3 cr.)

S510 Introduction to Social Organization (3 cr.)
S652 Topics in Qualitative Methods (3 cr.)
S700 Topical Seminar (3-12 cr.)

R511 Research Methods in Audience Analysis (3 cr.)
R530 Survey of Telecommunications Policy in the United States (3 cr.)
R630 History of Telecommunications Law (3 cr.)

Theatre and Drama
T565-T566 American Drama and Theatre I-II (3-3 cr.)
T765 Seminar in American Theatre and Drama (3 cr.)

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