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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin

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School of Continuing Studies 2001-2003 Bulletin Table of Contents

School of
Continuing Studies
Academic Bulletin

School of Continuing Studies 
Director of General Studies 
Indiana University Bloomington 
Owen Hall 101 
790 E. Kirkwood Avenue 
Bloomington, IN 47405-7101 
Toll Free: (800) 334-1011 
Fax: (812) 855-8680 Local: (812) 855-2292 
Contact School of Continuing Studies 

Special Opportunities

Independent Study Program
Earn Credit for Work and Life Experience
Credit by Examination
Military Service Credit
Credit Awarded for Educational Programs in Noncollegiate Organizations

Independent Study Program

If you do not have access to an Indiana University campus, you may fulfill general studies degree requirements by enrolling in the Indiana University Independent Study Program. Through the program, you can fulfill all degree requirements for the A.A. in General Studies and B.G.S. at a distance.

If you are a campus-based student, you may also enroll in Independent Study Program courses to complete degree requirements.

The Independent Study Program offers more than 225 university-level courses, many of which you can complete online using your computer, e-mail, and the World Wide Web. Independent study courses are developed and taught by Indiana University faculty and instructors who have been approved by their academic departments. The courses require the same amount of work, earn the same credit, and are graded by the same standards as on-campus courses. The Independent Study Program has won more than 50 awards from the University Continuing Education Association, more than any other university program.

Important: You do not have to be admitted to a degree program to enroll in an independent study course. If you are awaiting admission to the General Studies Degree Program, or if you are a student in dismissal status, you may enroll in the Independent Study Program. Note that the Independent Study Program University Course Catalog contains a separate course enrollment form. Please submit your independent study course fees and general studies application fees separately.

Credit hour and special fees are approved by the Indiana University Board of Trustees and are subject to change. Consult your appropriate school or campus bulletin or Schedule of Classes for the current fee information and fee refund schedule.

To receive an Independent Study Program University Course Catalog, contact

Independent Study Program
Indiana University
Owen Hall 001
Bloomington, IN 47405-7101
Nationwide: (800) 334-1011
Fax: (812) 855-8680
E-mail: scs@indiana.edu
World Wide Web: http://scs.indiana.edu

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Earn Credit for Work and Life Experience

We recognize that students gain college-level knowledge through various life experiences. These life experiences may be equivalent to the specific subject matter taught in university courses or may be recognized as general-elective credit. If you believe you are eligible for self-acquired competency (SAC) credit, discuss your life experiences in detail with your general studies counselor.

In general, we award SAC credit based on the following:

1. You must be admitted to the School of Continuing Studies, have completed 12 credit hours at Indiana University subsequent to admission, and be in good academic standing before we can evaluate credit for self-acquired competency.

2. You can apply a maximum of 15 hours of SAC credit toward the A.A. in General Studies, and a maximum of 30 hours toward the B.G.S.

3. If you are seeking SAC credit, do so in consultation with your general studies counselor. SAC credit must be carefully integrated with your total degree plan.

4. Learning must parallel courses in the Indiana University curriculum in order to be recognized as specific-course credit. Learning of college-level caliber that cannot be equated to specific course content is awarded as general-elective credit.

5. The General Studies Degree Program arranges to have your SAC portfolio assessed by faculty of the appropriate school or department.

6. The fee you will be charged per credit hour for SAC credit is the per-credit-hour fee charged for independent study university courses at the time the SAC credit is transcripted on your official student record.

The SAC Portfolio
Carefully developing a SAC portfolio can be a rewarding learning experience. If you want to complete a SAC port-folio, you may be able to take an on-campus self-acquired competency class. Check with the General Studies Degree Program office on your campus. An independent study course, Education F400 Development of the Self-Acquired Competency Portfolio, is also available.

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Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination at Indiana University
If you want to pursue credit by examination at Indiana University, consult with your general studies counselor and the appropriate department(s) at your local campus.

Credit Awarded for Nondepartmental Examinations
Indiana University awards credit for Advanced Placement Examinations (AP), College-Level Examination Programs (CLEP), Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES) examinations, and ACT-PEP Regents (Excelsior) College examinations. Policies are established by faculty on the individual campuses. Learn more about these examination options by talking to your general studies counselor.

You will not receive credit by taking DANTES, CLEP, or ACT-PEP Regents (Excelsior) College examinations for courses for which you have already received credit. In addition, credits awarded on the basis of CLEP and DANTES scores will not be considered as after-admission or Indiana University credit hours.

Request that official transcripts of your AP, CLEP, DANTES, and ACT-PEP Regents (Excelsior) College examination scores be sent to the office to which you are applying.

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Military Service Credit

Indiana University follows the American Council on Education's Guide to Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services in granting credit on the basis of education gained through military service, schools, and experience. To receive credit for your military service background, you must submit copies of your official discharge (DD214) or active-duty document (DD295) and/or transcripts of service schools you have attended (for example, AARTS, SMARTS, Community College of the Air Force, or Defense Language Institute).

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Credit Awarded for Educational Programs in Noncollegiate Organizations

We consider the recommendations of the following two publications when awarding credit for noncollegiate or company-sponsored programs/courses: American Council on Education, The National Guide to Education Credit for Training Programs; and The University of the State of New York, A Guide to Educational Programs in Noncollegiate Organizations.

If you want to apply for credit for noncollegiate educational programs you have successfully completed, ask the awarding organization to send official records of program/course completion. For help in requesting transcripts or program/course descriptions, contact your general studies counselor.

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