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Major in Geography—B.S.

The B.S. degree provides additional science requirements that prepare science-oriented students for graduate school and science-related jobs at the bachelor's degree level. Students pursuing a B.S. degree choose a concentration area of either Atmospheric Science or Geographic Information Science. See below for the list of courses in each concentration area.

Required Courses

Students must complete the following Foundations, Intensive Writing, Foreign Language, and Breadth of Inquiry requirements:

1. Same geography requirements as the B.A. Only the Atmospheric Science or Geographic Information Science concentrations may be selected with the B.S. degree.

2. Mathematics: M211-M212.

3. Physics: P221-P222.

4. Biology: minimum of 6 credit hours including L111 and L473 or Chemistry C101-C121, C102-C122 or at least 6 credits in computer science at the 200-level or higher.

5. Statistics: K300 or G488.

6. 6 credit hours of mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, or computer science at the 300 level or higher.

7. General education:

  • Writing: English composition (3 cr.) and intensive writing (3 cr.)
  • Foreign Language: 3 credit hours at the second-year level
  • Arts and Humanities: two courses
  • Social and Historical studies: two courses, including at least one course from geography
  • Natural and Mathematical Sciences: fulfilled by major
  • Critical Approaches to the Arts and Sciences course: 3 credit hours
  • Electives to fulfill remaining credits
Atmospheric Science

Select from G237, G250, G304, G336, G338, G339, G350, G362, G405, G431, G433, G434, G442, G444, G450, G451, G455, G460, G470, G475, G477, G488, and G489. (Barthelmie, Brown, Dragoni, Pryor, Robeson)

Geographic Information Science

Select from G235, G237, G250, G336, G338, G436, G438, G439, G450, G460, and G488. (Evans, Rahman, Robeson, Roy Chowdhury)