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Departmental Honors Program
The program is designed for especially well-qualified students who wish to acquire an unusually strong foundation in chemistry. Most students completing the honors program enter graduate or professional school. Special courses for outstanding students are offered in general chemistry (S117), organic chemistry (S341, S342, and S343), and inorganic chemistry (S330). Participants are expected to complete the requirements for a B.S. in chemistry or a B.S. in biochemistry or the following courses: C315, C317, C318, C361, C362, P364, and two 3 credit hour, 400-level courses other than C409 and C445.

The heart of the honors program is participation in an undergraduate research project within a faculty research group. This research generally begins in the freshman or sophomore year and must culminate with an honors research thesis and enrollment in G410 in the senior year.* Students in the program must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.300.

*Students are strongly encouraged to take G207 to prepare for G410, and to take G307 for successful career preparation.