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Outside Courses for Biology Majors

Biology majors may want to consider the following courses, which could be included in their degree program as courses outside the College of Arts and Sciences (see "Courses Outside the College of Arts and Sciences" section). A student may include up to 22 credit hours of appropriate courses from outside the College of Arts and Sciences in the minimum of 122 hours required for graduation.

School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • SPEA-E 410 Introduction to Environmental Toxicology (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-E 440 Wetlands: Biology and Regulation (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-E 460 Fisheries and Wildlife Management (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-E 461 Fisheries and Wildlife Management Laboratory (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-E 475 Techniques of Environmental Science (3 cr.)

Please note: In partial completion of degree requirements, all College of Arts and Sciences students must have a minimum of 25 credit hours of College of Arts and Sciences work in their major. The courses listed above do not count toward the completion of those 25 credit hours, nor do they count for Biology upper lecture or laboratory credit.

For a list of Biology lectures and labs, please consult the department Web site: