Policies & Procedures

Academic Policies & Procedures

Credit by Examination
Students may receive credit for certain courses by successful performance on the SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, College Board Advanced Placement Tests, International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level (HL) exams, and, with permission of the Dean, examinations offered by academic departments while at Indiana University. The appropriate department of the College reviews the placement tests in order to make recommendations about advanced standing. Students who believe that they are prepared for advanced study or that they are eligible for special credit because of superior preparation are urged to accelerate their college programs by taking the requisite exams. Students may thus graduate early, or they may use the time gained to take higher-level courses. Credit will be recorded simply with the grade of S (Satisfactory) unless the examination clearly merits an A grade and the department requests the use of a grade other than S. Failure to pass the examination carries no penalty. Fees for special credit/credit by examination are waived for undergraduate students enrolled in an IU degree-seeking program for at least 12 credit hours in either the fall or spring semester. Regular credit-hour rates apply for graduate students and undergraduate students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit hours.

For a discussion of credit offered for foreign language exams, please see the section of this Bulletin entitled “Foreign Language Requirement,” which can be found under “Degree Requirements.”