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Academic Opportunities

Minority and First-Generation Scholars
McNair Scholars Program

The McNair Scholars Program at Indiana University, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, prepares low-income, first-generation, and minority undergraduates for graduate study at the doctoral level. Each year, McNair Scholars participate in academic year and summer activities that include research and teaching experiences. The program offers a variety of services, including personal and academic counseling, tutoring, and activities that foster academic enrichment. One of the most exciting aspects of the McNair program is the opportunity for scholars to engage in paid research internships under the guidance of faculty mentors from areas in which they hope to pursue graduate study. McNair Scholars attend national conferences where they make formal presentations of their research to faculty and peers, attend academic seminars and workshops, and have an opportunity to participate in an undergraduate teaching internship. McNair Scholars receive guidance regarding the graduate school application process and fellowships, graduate assistantships, and loans; attend a Graduate Record Exam preparation course; and visit other campuses to learn about graduate school life.

Students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. in any College of Arts and Sciences major are eligible to apply to the McNair Scholars Program. For additional information and eligibility requirements, contact the McNair Scholars Program Office at 803 E. Eighth Street, (812) 855-1135.