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Academic Opportunities

Minority and First-Generation Scholars
Groups Program

The Groups Student Support Services Program provides whatever reasonable support is needed to attain the Bachelor's degree at Indiana University for individuals who are first-generation college students, are from officially determined low-income families, or are physically disabled. The program offers a variety of services, including personal counseling, academic counseling, tutoring, enrollment in specialized courses, and activities that foster academic enrichment. For more information, see the Groups Web site at www.indiana.edu/~groups, call (812) 855-0507, or visit Maxwell Hall 200.

Course Descriptions for the Groups Program (COLL)
  • COLL-G 103 Introduction to Chemistry for Groups Students (1 cr.) For Groups students only. Introduction to the basic principles of chemistry. Topics include chemical and physical properties, atomic structure, properties of elements, and stoichiometry. Students who have not mastered high school level chemistry should also take CHEM-C 103 in preparation for CHEM-C 117.
  • COLL-G 113 Content Courses for Groups Students (1 cr.) Limited to Groups students who live in the Atkins Living-Learning Center. Examines the impact of African American history and culture on the nation as a whole and on the international community.
  • COLL-G 123 Success at IU and Beyond for Groups Students I (1 cr.) For Groups students only. Acquisition of leadership, study, and time-management skills needed for success in university-level course work. May also focus on skills and knowledge required for success in preparing for a particular profession.
  • COLL-G 133 Success at IU and Beyond for Groups Students II (1 cr.) For sophomore-level Groups students only. Further develops study skills and familiarity with the academy. Explores varieties of majors, degrees, and career paths available to IU students.