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Living-Learning Centers

Living-learning centers (LLCs) are residential–academic programs located in residence halls. Students may choose between two living-learning centers associated with the College: Collins Living-Learning Center (CLLC), located in the Collins Quadrangle; and the Global Village Living-Learning Center (GLLC), located in Foster-Martin. Membership in these centers is based on an application available from Residential Programs and Services and from most university offices. Students majoring in any discipline or school are eligible to apply for membership in either program, and current university students may apply to transfer to a center at the beginning of any semester. For additional information, contact the director of Collins LLC at (812) 855-9815, or the director of the Global Village at (812) 855-4552, or visit these LLC Web sites: www.indiana.edu/~llc  (Collins), or www.indiana.edu/~college/global (Global Village). 

Prospective members of the Collins Living-Learning Center should be interested in accepting responsibility for affairs of the center, such as governance, curriculum planning, and programming. They should also be interested in exploring a variety of academic disciplines through the Collins LLC experimental curriculum. Collins LLC students must enroll in at least one Collins course during each of their freshman and sophomore years; all freshmen also enroll in a 1 credit hour workshop in residential learning. Most courses may be counted toward graduation requirements.

The goal of the Global Village Living-Learning Center is to create a cosmopolitan, multidisciplinary, multicultural, multinational, and multilingual community of domestic and international students preparing for global living and careers. The Village provides opportunities for foreign language and cultural practice and is especially appropriate for students preparing for overseas study. New residents must enroll in the 1-credit course Q199. In addition to its own seminars, the Village hosts introductory courses from several departments in its classrooms as well as informal, internationally themed special activities. There are abundant opportunities for student governance and leadership development.