Departments & Programs

Latin American and Caribbean Studies


  • Professor Bradley Levinson (School of Education)
Chancellor's Professors
  • Robert Arnove (Emeritus, School of Education)
  • Patrick McNaughton (Fine Arts)
  • Anya Peterson Royce (Anthropology, Comparative Literature)
Bentley Professor
  • Elinor Ostrom (Political Science)
Mendel Professor
  • Daniel James (History)
Rudy Professors
  • Jeffrey L. Gould (History)
  • Emílio Moran (Anthropology)
  • Albert Valdman (Emeritus, French and Italian, Linguistics)
Distinguished Professor
  • Richard Bauman (Emeritus, Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Robert Agranoff (Emeritus, School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • Herman Aguinis (Kelley School of Business)
  • Akwasi B. Assensoh (African American and African Diaspora Studies)
  • Randall Baker (Emeritus, School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • Maryellen Bieder (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Eduardo Brondizio (Anthropology)
  • Kevin Brown (Maurer School of Law)
  • Richard Burke (Emeritus, Telecommunications)
  • Keith Clay (Biology)
  • Joseph Clements (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Claus Clüver (Emeritus, Comparative Literature)
  • Geoffrey Conrad (Anthropology)
  • Dennis Conway (Emeritus, Geography)
  • Della Cook (Anthropology)
  • Luis Dávila (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Peter Guardino (History)
  • Matthew Guterl (African American and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies)
  • Jeffrey Hart (Political Science)
  • Eileen Julien (Comparative Literature)
  • Catherine Larson (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Bradley Levinson (School of Education)
  • Michael Martin (African American and African Diaspora Studies)
  • Heitor Martins (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • John McDowell (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Kathleen Myers (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Muriel Nazzari (Emerita, History)
  • Craig Nelson (Emeritus, Biology)
  • Christiana Ochoa (Maurer School of Law)
  • K. Anne Pyburn (Gender Studies and Anthropology)
  • J. C. Randolph (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • Darlene Sadlier (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Gustavo Sainz (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Carmen Téllez (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Richard Wilk (Anthropology)
Associate Professors
  • Bonnie Brownlee (Journalism)
  • Mary Clayton (Emerita, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Judah Cohen (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Deborah Cohn (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Arlene Diaz (History)
  • Manuel Diaz-Campos (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Patrick Dove (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • John Dyson (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Tom Evans (Geography)
  • César Felix-Brasdefer (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Lessie Jo Frazier (Gender Studies)
  • P. Roberto Garcia (Kelley School of Business)
  • Michael Gasser (Computer Science)
  • Kimberly Geeslin (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Vivian Halloran (Comparative Literature)
  • Stephanie Kane (Criminal Justice)
  • Alejandro Mejías-López (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • John Nieto-Phillips (History, Latino Studies)
  • Philip Parnell (Criminal Justice)
  • Rebecca Martínez Reid (School of Education)
  • Iris Rosa (African American and African Diaspora Studies)
  • Pravina Shukla (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Catherine M. Tucker (Anthropology)
  • Reyes Vila-Belda (Spanish and Portuguese)
Assistant Professors
  • Anke Birkenmaier (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Serafin Coronel-Molina (School of Education)
  • Peter Cowan (School of Education)
  • Babur De los Santos (Kelley School of Business)
  • Juan Carlos Escanciano (Economics)
  • Carl Good (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Shane Greene (Anthropology)
  • Laura Gurzynski-Weiss (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • David Jacho-Chavez (Economics)
  • Stacie Marie King (Anthropology)
  • Javier León (Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
  • Ricardo Lopez (Economics)
  • Joshua Malitsky (Communication and Culture)
  • Sylvia Martinez (School of Education)
  • Jason McGraw (History)
  • Carmen Medina (School of Education)
  • Eden Miller Medina (School of Informatics and Computing)
  • Luciana Namorato (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Fernando Ona (Applied Health Sciences)
  • Oana Panaïté (French and Italian)
  • Armando Razo (Political Science)
  • Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Rinku Roy Chowdhury (Geography)
  • Micol Seigel (African American and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies)
  • Stephen Selka (African American and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies)
  • Michael Spiro (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Marvin Sterling (Anthropology)
  • Daniel Suslak (Anthropology)
  • Estela Vieira (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Erik Willis (Spanish and Portuguese)
Lecturers and Academic Specialists
  • Charles Beeker (School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation)
  • Quetzil Castañeda (Latin American and Caribbean Studies)
  • Vania Castro (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Silvana Falconi (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • John Galuska (Foster International Living Learning Center)
  • Hilary Kahn (Center for the Study of Global Change)
  • Greg Kitzmiller (Kelley School of Business)
  • April Sievert (Anthropology)
  • Andréa Siqueira (International Studies)
  • Rebecca Cape (Lilly Library)
  • Luis Gonzalez (Wells Library)
  • Denise Stuempfle (Wells Library)
Academic Advising
  • Matthew Van Hoose, 1125 E. Atwater, (812) 855-8920