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College of Arts and Sciences (College) Bloomington Campus Supplement: Table of Contents



College of Arts
and Sciences (College)
Bloomington Campus
Supplement 2008–2010

College of Arts and Sciences (College) 
Kirkwood Hall 104 
130 S. Woodlawn 
Bloomington, IN 47405  
Local (812) 855-1821 
Fax (812) 855-2060 
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Appendix II: Approved Distribution Courses

Arts and Humanities: A & H
Social and Historical Studies: S & H
Natural and Mathematical Sciences: N & M

A & H S & H N & M

American and
A112, A141, A142, A150, A169, A199, A249, A277, A278, A290, A295, A297, A299, A304, A330, A345, A350, A352, A359, A379, A380, A383, A384, A385, A388, A392, A393, A394, A395, A396, A399, A430, A479, A480, A485, A496 A154, A156, A198, A203, A205, A210, A250, A255, A263, A264, A265, A298, A354, A355, A356, A360, A363, A382, A386, A387, A391, A398, A405, A407, A408, A415, A420, A425, A452, A481

African Studies
L231, L232

A100, A200, A201, A202, A298, A351, A398 A275, A299, A300, A399

A208, E310, E312, E314, E324, E408, E460, E463, E464 A105, A150, A200, A221, A303, A410, B310, E101, E105, E110, E200, E205, E206, E210, E212, E230, E240, E260, E275, E302, E303, E307, E319, E320, E321, E322, E323, E327, E328, E329, E330, E332, E333, E334, E335, E340, E345, E347, E348, E370, E371, E372, E381, E382, E385, E387, E392, E394, E397, E398, E412, E416, E417, E418, E420, E421, E423, E427, E428, E430, E436, E444, E445, E455, E457, E485, L200, L320, L330, L407, P200, P210, P215, P220, P230, P240, P250, P310, P314, P315, P330, P341, P345, P350, P360, P361, P363, P365, P375, P430, P440 B200, B301, B312, B340, B368, B370, B466, B470, P380, P385, P425

and Interior
D191 D365, F411


A100, A102, A103, A105, A110, A115, A221, A222, A305, A320, A451, A452, A453

B300, B364, B368, E111, E112, H111, H112, L100, L104, L111, L112, L113, L211, L302, L322, L330, L340, L350, L369, L440, M250, M430, S211

R291, R312, R313, R314, R354, R373, R414, R415, R441, U324, U346, U350, U373, U424, U426 R191, R250, R251, R270, R302, R310, R315, R316, R342, R351, R352, R360, R370, R371, R372, R383, R392, R393, R411, R412, R413, R416, U423, U427, U436

C100, C101, C102, C103, C117, C118, C341, C342, C360, C361, C362, C430, C460, C483, C484, C485, S117, S341, S342, S361, S362

C101, C102, C205, C206, C308, C310, C311, C321, C350, C351, C360, C361, C405, C409, C412, C413, C414, C416, C419, C420, C421, G305, G306, G307, G308, G406, G407, G410, G411, L304, L305, L307, L308

Q240 Q250, Q270, Q301, Q351

College of
Arts and
E103, S103 E104, S104 E105, S105

L110, L210, L310, S103 L120, L220, L320 L130, L230, L330

and Culture
C190, C205, C208, C222, C228, C238, C304, C306, C308, C312, C313, C321, C323, C324, C326, C333, C335, C339, C340, C357, C391, C392, C393, C394, C398, C414, C425 C122, C201, C202, C203, C204, C223, C225, C229, C290, C292, C305, C314, C315, C318, C336, C380, C411, C412, C413, C415, C417, C420, C422, C430

C100, C145, C146, C147, C151, C155, C200, C205, C216, C217, C219, C251, C252, C255, C256, C257, C261, C262, C265, C266, C291, C301, C305, C310, C311, C313, C315, C318, C320, C321, C325, C329, C333, C335, C337, C340, C347, C355, C357, C358, C360, C361, C363, C364, C365, C370, C375, C377, C378, C400, C405, C415, C417, C445, C446, C464, C492

A110, A201, A321, B351, B401, B403, B441, B443, B461, B481, C211, C212, C241, C311, C335, C343, H211, H212, H241, H311, H335, H343, P415, P423, P436, P442, P465, P466

P100, P150, P200, P202, P250, P290, P301, P302, P303, P305, P306, P340, P360, P375, P380, P381, P412, P413, P414, P415, P417, P419, P420, P422, P423, P435, P457, P462, P471, P474, P482 K300

East Asian
and Cultures
C431, E100, E110, E160, E201, E202, E231, E232, E233, E270, E271, E300, E301, E303, E321, E322, E331, E332, E333, E351, E371, E372, E374, E473, E497, J431, J491, K431, K432 E101, E180, E203, E204, E251, E252, E302, E305, E350, E352, E354, E384, E385, E386, E390, E392, E393, E394, E395, J441, J492 J421

E201, E202, E303, E304, E305, E308, E309, E321, E322, E327, E359, E364, E496, S201, S202, S321, S322 E370, S370

A202, E301, E302, E303, E304, L111, L112, L141, L142, L198, L202, L203, L204, L205, L206, L207, L208, L210, L213, L214, L220, L223, L224, L230, L240, L241, L249, L295, L305, L306, L307, L308, L309, L313, L314, L317, L318, L320, L327, L328, L332, L335, L345, L346, L347, L348, L350, L351, L352, L354, L355, L356, L357, L358, L359, L360, L363, L364, L365, L366, L367, L369, L371, L373, L374, L375, L378, L380, L381, L383, L384, L389, L390, L391, L395, L396, W103

Fine Arts
A155, A160, A206, A226, A231, A234, A276, A280, A310, A316, A323, A329, A346, A347, A348, A349, A356, A360, A412, A413, A414, A447, A471, A472, A473, A474, D210, D317, F100, F101, F102, H100, N110, N198, S200, S220, S230, S240, S250, S260, S270, S271, S280, S291, S301, S321, S325, S331, S341, S343, S344, S351, S352, S361, S371, S381, S392, S445 A101, A102, A108, A150, A214, A233, A262, A290, A311, A312, A321, A322, A325, A327, A330, A331, A332, A333, A334, A335, A337, A341, A342, A345, A351, A352, A372, A415, A417, A421, A423, A424, A425, A426, A436, A437, A443, A452, A453, A454, A458, A464, A466, A467, A476, A480

Folklore and
E112, E295, E297, E302, E345, E388, E394, E496, F101, F111, F131, F205, F225, F235, F252, F301, F305, F307, F308, F312, F315, F320, F351, F352, F354, F356, F358, F360, F363, F364, F369, F404, F410, F420, F440, F450, F492, F494 F121, F210, F215, F230, F253, F275, F290, F330, F353, F359, F401, F405, F430, F497

French and
F125, F300, F303, F304, F305, F306, F310, F311, F350, F361, F362, F363, F375, F410, F413, F435, F436, F443, F446, F450, F451, F453, F456, F459, F460, M222, M234, M235, M305, M306, M307, M308, M311, M333, M334, M340, M345, M390, M391, M403, M445, M446, M450, M453, M455, M456, M463, S300 F126, F317

G101, G225, G290, G310, G330, G350 G102, G105, G206, G215, G230, G235, G303, G304, G325, G335, G340, G399, G425, G430, G435, G440

G110, G120, H120, G210, G302, G314, G315, G316, G317, G320, G323, G324, G326, G332, G341, G343, G380, G411, G415, G417, G425, G427, G428, G449, G461, G478 G107, H107, G109, G208, G237, G250, G304, G305, G307, G336, G338, G339, G350, G405, G421, G431, G433, G434, G436, G438, G439, G442, G451, G470, G475, G477, G488, G489

G103, G104, S104, G105, G111, G112, G114, G116, G121, G131, G141, G150, G161, G171, G188, G221, G222, G225, G300, G302, G316, G321, G323, G329, G341, G454, S103, S121, S124

E311, E322, E323, E342, E343, E351, E352, E361, E362, E363, G305, G306, G363, G403, G404, G415, G416, G418, G424 E121, E321, E341, G361, G362, G421, G422, G464 G448, G451, G458

Global Village
G110, G210, G310, S103 G120, G220, G320, G321, S104 G130, G230, G330, S105

A100, A200, A205, A222, A225, A261, A265, A300, A301, A302, A303, A304, A307, A309, A310, A311, A313, A315, A317, A319, A325, A326, A337, A338, A345, A346, A347, A351, A352, A353, A354, A355, A356, A361, A362, A363, A365, A366, A369, A370, A379, A380, A381, A382, A383, A384, A386, A389, A400, B100, B200, B204, B224, B226, B260, B300, B301, B302, B303, B315, B321, B322, B323, B324, B342, B343, B351, B352, B353, B354, B355, B356, B357, B358, B359, B360, B361, B362, B366, B368, B374, B377, B378, B391, B400, C100, C200, C300, C305, C376, C377, C380, C386, C387, C388, C390, C391, C393, C400, D100, D102, D103, D200, D300, D302, D303, D304, D305, D306, D308, D309, D310, D320, D321, D322, D325, D327, D329, D330, D400, E100, E200, E300, E331, E332, E333, E334, E336, E338, E340, E400, F100, F200, F300, F336, F343, F345, F346, F400, G100, G101, G200, G300, G350, G357, G358, G369, G372, G380, G382, G383, G385, G387, G400, H101, H102, H103, H104, H105, H106, H111, H112, H115, H203, H205, H206, H207, H208, H209, H210, H211, H212, H213, H217, H220, H223, H227, H231, H237, H238, H240, H251, H252, H259, H263, H333, J200, J300, J400, J450, T300, T400, W100, W200, W300, W325, W400

History and
of Science
X100, X207, X220, X308, X320, X338, X390, X391, X394, X451, X452, X456, X493 X102, X110, X123, X205, X210, X222, X223, X323, X369, X370, X371, X406, X407 X126, X200, X226, X227, X253, X326

Human Biology
B101, B201, B301, B401

Hutton Honors
H203, H211, H226, H303 H204, H212, H228, H304 H205, H230, H305

India Studies
I305, I310, I347, I368, I370, I371,
I211, I212, I320, I362, I402

I201 I100, I202, I203, I204, I205, I206

Jewish Studies
C240, C340, C360, H375, H460, H480, H485, J203, J303, J403, L380, L385, L390, L395 J204, J304, J404

Latin American
and Caribbean
L420 L210, L211, L400, L402, L403, L406

Latino Studies
L101, L102, L103, L104, L111, L301, L302, L303, L380, L396

Ethics, and
Social Action

Liberal Arts
S104 L316

L114 L103, L111, L112, L113, L205, L210, L315, L327, L367, L430, L480, L481 L303, L306, L307, L308, L310, L325, L445

A118, D117, J113, K300, K310, M118, M119, M120, M211, M212, M213, M301, M303, M311, M321, M330, M337, M343, M344, M348, M365, M371, M384, M385, M391, M453, S118, S212, S303, S311, S343, S344, T336

Medical Science ANAT A215, MSCI M131, PHSL P215


Jacobs School
of Music
M385, M392, M396, M397, M401, M402, T418, Z101, Z111, Z171, Z172, Z201, Z202, Z211, Z301, Z311, Z315, Z373, Z385, Z390, Z393, Z394, Z395, Z401, Z402, Z403, Z413, Z415

Near Eastern
Languages and
N205, N212, N365, N370, N380, N385, P365 N122, N203, N204, N208, N220, N222, N245, N265, N268, N303, N304, N340, N350, N352, N397

P100, P103, P105, P135, P140, P145, P150, P201, P205, P211, P240, P242, P246, P270, P301, P304, P305, P310, P312, P319, P320, P328, P330, P332, P335, P340, P342, P343, P345, P346, P347, P352, P360, P366, P370, P371, P374, P375, P401, P470 P250, P251

P101, P105, P111, P114, P120, P125, P150, P151, P201, P202, P211, P221, P222, P300, P301, P310, P321, P331, P332, P340, P350, P400, P410, P411, P425, P441, P442, P453, P454, P460

Y105, Y212, Y281, Y379, Y381, Y382, Y383, Y384, Y386, Y388, Y406 Y100, Y101, Y102, Y103, Y107, Y109, Y200, Y202, Y204, Y205, Y210, Y211, Y243, Y249, Y301, Y302, Y303, Y304, Y305, Y306, Y307, Y308, Y311, Y313, Y315, Y317, Y318, Y319, Y320, Y324, Y325, Y326, Y329, Y332, Y333, Y334, Y335, Y336, Y337, Y338, Y339, Y340, Y342, Y343, Y345, Y346, Y347, Y348, Y349, Y350, Y352, Y353, Y356, Y360, Y361, Y362, Y363, Y364, Y366, Y367, Y368, Y372, Y374, Y375, Y376, Y394, Y401, Y405, Y407 Y395

and Brain
Sciences (PSY)
P102, P152, P304, P315, P316, P319, P320, P323, P324, P460 K300, K310, P101, P106, P151, P155, P201, P204, P211, P303, P325, P327, P329, P330, P335, P336, P340, P350, P405, P417, P437, P438, P466

Studies (REL)
R102, R133, R152, R153, R160, R170, R201, R202, R203, R204, R210, R220, R235, R236, R245, R247, R250, R255, R257, R264, R265, R271, R300, R307, R310, R317, R318, R320, R321, R322, R323, R325, R327, R330, R331, R333, R334, R335, R336, R337, R338, R340, R341, R345, R348, R350, R352, R356, R357, R360, R364, R365, R368, R371, R372, R373, R374, R375, R376, R377, R378, R382, R388, R390, R392, R410, R420, R421, R425, R430, R432, R434, R436, R438, R445, R450, R452, R456, R458, R462, R467, R468, R469, R473, R474 R275, R324, R370, R387, R391, R411

Russian and
East European
Institute (REEI)
R301, R302, R303

Languages and
C223, C363, C364, C365, P223, P363, P364, P365, P366, R123, R223, R263, R264, R334, R345, R349, R352, R353, R405, R406, R407, R408, S223, S363, S364 R403, R404

H100, S100, S101, S105, S122, S201, S210, S215, S217, S220, S230, S302, S305, S308, S309, S311, S312, S313, S315, S316, S317, S319, S320, S321, S324, S325, S326, S327, S329, S335, S338, S339, S340, S342, S344, S346, S359, S360, S361, S370, S409, S410, S412, S413, S417, S419, S420, S422, S427, S431, S433, S435, S438, S439, S441, S450 S110, S371

Spanish and
Portuguese (HISP)
C450, P400, P401, P405, P410, P412, P415, P420, P470, P475, P476, S220, S260, S284, S324, S328, S331, S332, S333, S334, S407, S408, S411, S412, S413, S417, S418, S419, S420, S422, S435, S450, S470, S471, S472, S473, S474, S479, S480, S481 S326, S425, S427, S429, S430

Speech and
S110, S430 S111, S115, S201, S290, S302, S307, S319, S333, S444

Statistics (STAT) H100, S100, S300, S320

communications (TEL)
T193, T206, T416 T101, T160, T191, T192, T195, T205, T207, T242, T260, T311, T312, T313, T314, T316, T317, T321, T322, T329, T348, T410, T413, T414, T421, T422, T424, T425, T427, T445, T480

Theatre and
Drama (THTR)
T100, T115, T120, T121, T370, T371, T460, T461, T462, T468

West European Studies (WEUR) E406, W406 W301, W401, W405

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