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Latino Studies

Minor in Latino Studies
Course Descriptions



Professor Jorge Chapa


Peter Guardino (History), Jeffrey Gould (History), John McDowell (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Alberto Torchinsky (Mathematics)

Associate Professors

Raquel T. Anderson (Speech and Hearing Sciences), Luis Dávila (Spanish and Portuguese), Luis Fuentes-Rhorer (School of Law), Bradley Levinson (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Manuel Martinez (English), John Nieto-Phillips (History), Christiana Ochoa (School of Law), Vasti Torres (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)

Assistant Professors

Gerardo Lopez (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies), Rebecca Martinez (Counseling and Educational Psychology), Sylvia Martinez (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies)

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The Program in Latino Studies (LATS) will introduce students to a wide range of current research and scholarly opinion on the history, culture, and social status of Latinos in the United States. It will address issues embracing the U.S. population whose roots are traced to original Spanish-speaking citizens of this country and immigrants from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The program will provide the opportunity for its students to develop a deep understanding of Latinos from an interdisciplinary perspective that includes political science, sociology, history, music, literature, technology, ethnology, and anthropology.

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Minor in Latino Studies

15 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours including the following:

  • L101 Introduction to Latino Studies
  • L102 Introduction to Latino History
  • 9 credit hours of Latino Studies courses and/or courses cross-listed with Latino Studies, with at least 6 credit hours at the 300-level or above.

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Course Descriptions

L101 Introduction to Latino Studies (3 cr.) S & H, CSA General inquiry into the historical and cultural heritage of Latinos who have lived or currently live in what is today the United States. Through readings and discussions, the course studies the varied histories of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and other Latin American peoples in the United States.

L102 Introduction to Latino History (3 cr.) S & H, CSA An introduction and overview of Latino issues beginning with a brief examination of the histories of the major Latino national groups of origin in the United States. Most of the course will examine a number of topics and issues that are key to understanding contemporary Latinos, e.g., immigration, language, education and employment.

L103 Introduction to Latino Cultures (3 cr.) S & H, CSA Introduces students to cultural diversity, histories, and experiences of Latinos in the United States. Survey course mapping general issues pertaining to these communities and explores specific questions regarding diverse Latino cultural groups. We will consider different kinds of media including ethnographic essays, cultural analysis, film, music, and dance.

L111 Latino Film: An Introduction and Overview (3 cr.) S & H, CSA This course examines U.S. films by and/or about Hispanics and Latinos/as (i.e., Mexican-American/Chicano, Puerto Rican/Boricua, and Cuban-American). Throughout the semester, we will explore the complex relationship between the constructions of Latino/a identities, Latino/a stereotypes, and the circumstances which Latinos encounter in the U.S. as portrayed in film.

L301 Latino Immigrants in United States Society (3 cr.) S & H, CSA Examines Latino immigrants to the United States with a focus on the frequent conflict between these immigrants and various institutions and segments of United States society.

L302 Latinos in the Media (3 cr.) S & H, CSA Explores the complex relationship between mainstream media constructions of Hispanics and the Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban migrations to the United States.

L325 Latinos on the Internet (3 cr.) CSA P: L210 or L211, or permission of instructor. An intensive inventory, analysis, and critique of Latino-oriented Web-based materials as well as materials targeted to the general population to discover how well they suit the needs and preferences of the Latino population and how they might be improved.

L380 Latino Education Across the Americas (3 cr.) S & H, CSA P: L210 or L211, or permission of instructor. Overview of important patterns and issues in Latino education. Includes study of major Latin American educational trends and traditions. Focus on the cultural contexts of Latino education; challenges faced by Latinos in contemporary U.S. schools; and strategies for improving Latino educational achievement. Credit not given for both L380 and EDUC H380.

L396 Seminar in Latino Studies (3 cr.) S & H, CSA P: Open to juniors and seniors only. Readings and discussion of selected problems, topics may vary from year to year. Research paper required. May be repeated when topics are substantially different for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

L490 Individual Reading in Latino Studies (1-3 cr.) P: Consent of department. Intensive study of selected authors and/or topics. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

L354 American Literature since 1914 (3 cr.) A & H Topic: Americano Fiction
L374 Ethnic American Literature (3 cr.) A & H, CSA Topic: Introduction to Chicano Literature
L384 Studies in American Culture (3 cr.) A & H, CSA Topic: The Power of Place: Migration Culture and the Spatial Imagination

Folklore and Ethnomusicology
F356 Chicano Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H, CSA

S335 Race and Ethnic Relations (3 cr.) S & H, CSA

Spanish and Portuguese: Literature and Culture
S220 Chicano-Puerto Rican Literature (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
S260 Introduction to Hispanic Film (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
S413 Hispanic Culture in the United States (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
S471-S472 Spanish-American Literature I-II (3-3 cr.) A & H

T413 Global Media Issues (3 cr.) S & H

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