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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Overseas Study
Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Area Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Course Descriptions
Cross-Listed Courses



Professor Jeffrey L. Gould (History)

Chancellor's Professors

Robert Arnove (Emeritus, Education), Patrick McNaughton (Fine Arts), Anya Peterson Royce (Anthropology, Comparative Literature)

Bentley Professor

Elinor Ostrom (Political Science)

Mendel Professor

Daniel James (History)

Rudy Professors

Jeffrey L. Gould (History), Emilio Moran (Anthropology), Albert Valdman (Emeritus, French and Italian, Linguistics)

Distinguished Professors

Richard Bauman (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), James Riley (History)


Robert Agranoff (Emeritus, Public and Environmental Affairs), Akwasi B. Assensoh (African American and African Diaspora Studies), Randall Baker (Public and Environmental Affairs), Maryellen Bieder (Spanish and Portuguese), Kevin Brown (Law), Richard Burke (Emeritus, Telecommunications), Jorge Chapa (Latino Studies), Keith Clay (Biology), Claus Clüver (Emeritus, Comparative Literature), Geoffrey Conrad (Anthropology), Dennis Conway (Geography), Della Cook (Anthropology), Peter Guardino (History), Jeffrey Hart (Political Science), Catherine Larson (Spanish and Portuguese), John McDowell (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Heitor Martins (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese), Kathleen Myers (Spanish and Portuguese), K. Anne Pyburn (Anthropology), J. C. Randolph (Public and Environmental Affairs), Darlene Sadlier (Spanish and Portuguese), Gustavo Sainz (Spanish and Portuguese), Carmen Tellez (Music), Richard Wilk (Anthropology)

Associate Professors

Eduardo Brondizio (Anthropology), Bonnie Brownlee (Journalism), Mary Clayton (Spanish and Portuguese), Deborah Cohn (Spanish and Portuguese), Luis Dávila (Spanish and Portuguese), Arlene Diaz (History) , Tom Evans (Geography), P. Roberto Garcia (Kelley School of Business), Kimberly Geeslin (Spanish and Portuguese), Matthew Guterl (African American and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies), Stephanie Kane (Criminal Justice), Bradley Levinson (Education), Muriel Nazzari (Emeritus, History), John Nieto-Phillips (History and Latino Studies), Christiana Ochoa (Law), Philip Parnell (Criminal Justice), Yeidy M. Rivero (Communication and Culture, Latino Studies), Iris Rosa (African American and African Diaspora Studies), Russell Salmon (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese), Richard Stryker (Emeritus, Political Science)

Assistant Professors

Charles Beeker (Health Physical Education and Recreation), Manuel Diaz-Campos (Spanish and Portuguese), David Delgado Shorter (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Patrick Dove (Spanish and Portuguese), J. César Felix-Brasdefer (Spanish and Portuguese), Shane Greene (Anthropology), Vivian Halloran (Comparative Literature), Philip Keating (Geography), Stacie Marie King (Anthropology), Ricardo Lopez (Economics), Alejandro Mejias-Lopez (Spanish and Portuguese), Emily Maguire (Spanish and Portuguese), Josh Malitsky (Communication and Culture), Eden Miller Medina (Informatics), Oana Panaite (French and Italian), Armando Razo (Political Science), Pravina Shukla (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), April Sievert (Anthropology), Marvin Sterling (Anthropology), Daniel Suslak (Anthropology), Catherine M. Tucker (Anthropology), Leah K. VanWey (Sociology), Reyes Vila-Belda (Spanish and Portuguese)

Librarian and Latin American Studies Area Specialist

Luis Gonzalez

Academic Advising

Andrea Siqueira, (812) 855-9097

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The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program (LTAM) is an interdepartmental program offering integrated study opportunities to students planning careers in teaching, research, journalism, government, and business. Recognizing the varied objectives of students, the Latin American and Caribbean studies faculty has attempted to provide diverse formats and levels of study in the program.

Although the program offers no undergraduate major, students may choose Latin American and Caribbean studies as a minor or obtain an area certificate along with the bachelor's degree in an academic discipline. In either case, the program provides the student with a basic knowledge of the anthropology, art, economics, folklore, geography, history, languages, literatures, music, and politics of Latin America. Such study is especially useful to students who contemplate advanced study in the area or who plan to work or live in Latin America. Students may elect to complete the minor or the area certificate but not both.

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Overseas Study

Qualified students have the opportunity to study in certain Latin American countries in one of the overseas study programs of the university. The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program encourages students to take advantage of such opportunities. Credit earned in overseas study programs may fulfill part of either the minor or the area certificate requirements. (See "Overseas Study Programs" in this bulletin, or contact the Office of Overseas Study, Franklin Hall 303, [812]855-9304.)

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Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Students should develop their minor (without the area certificate) in consultation with their respective departmental advisors and the director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program.


The minor comprises at least 15 credit hours of course work within the College of Arts and Sciences related to the Latin American and Caribbean area, including the L300-L301 sequence. Courses from a student's major course of study cannot be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor. Any course in which the student receives a grade below C­ may not be used to fulfill a minor requirement. The overall average of courses counting toward the minor must be at least a C. Only students who have met the College of Arts and Sciences language requirement by taking Spanish or Portuguese may complete a minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

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Area Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The area certificate is awarded upon graduation to students who have demonstrated a knowledge of Latin America beyond the level of a normal minor in accord with the requirements listed below. Curriculum planning should be done in consultation with the director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Academic Standing

For entrance into the area certificate program, a student shall have at least a B- average or the permission of the director. In order to receive the certificate, the student shall achieve at least a B average in the courses taken to complete these requirements.

Language Requirements

Students may choose either Spanish or Portuguese and must take at least two courses (6 credit hours minimum) taught in the language beyond the college foreign language requirement. These credit hours may include advanced courses in conversation, composition, literature, or culture, taught in the language. Oral proficiency in the language shall be demonstrated by the student to the satisfaction of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese or its delegate. Any language course that appears on the list below may be counted toward the certificate requirements.

Course Requirements

Students must complete the following:

  1. A total of 24 credit hours in courses from the list below and approved by the director of Latin American and Caribbean studies.
  2. At least one semester of a Latin American studies seminar and the L300-L301 sequence as a part of the total. If no relevant seminar is offered during an academic year, an approved readings course may be substituted.

A maximum of 6 credit hours in a student's major may be credited toward the area certificate in Latin American and Caribbean studies.

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Course Descriptions

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The following courses may be complemented by offerings related to Latin America and the Caribbean in other departments.

L300 The Latin American Experience (3 cr.) S & H, CSA Introduction to Latin America: geography, heritage, and process from pre-Columbian civilizations to colonies and nations.

L301 Contemporary Problems in Latin America (3 cr.) S & H, CSA Introduction to pertinent problems of twentieth-century Latin America, such as industrialization, urbanization, revolution, and self-expression.

L305 Spanish Across the Curriculum (1 cr.) Offers the opportunity to improve the Spanish language skills of conversation, reading, writing, and comprehension. Class is to be taken concurrently with an LTAM course that offers a Spanish Across the Curriculum section. Discussions and assignments related to the parent class will be performed in Spanish.

L400 Contemporary Mexico (3 cr.) S & H, CSA Places contemporary Mexico in historical perspective, focusing on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Topics include the causes and consequences of the 1910 revolution, the position of the Indian, the political system, problems of dependent economic growth, cultural values and social change, and relations with the U.S. from a Mexican viewpoint. Credit given for only one of L400, HIST F346, or HIST F446.

L401 Seminar: Contemporary Latin America (3 cr.) Study of two regions; one topic for each region, or one topic for the two regions. Regions to be cycled: Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, Andean countries, Southern Cone, Brazil. May be repeated once for credit.

L402 Contemporary Brazil (3 cr.) S & H, CSA A survey of the culture of Brazil today: people, politics, religion, education, agriculture, industrial development, literature, music, and art. Lectures by members of various departments and visiting scholars. All reading in English.

L403 Contemporary Central America (3 cr.) S & H, CSA Analyzes the contemporary conflicts in Central America by placing them in historical perspective. Includes such topics as the relation between socioeconomic structures and politics, the impact of World War II and agro-export development, agrarian reform, revolution, democratization, and relations with the United States.

L406 Contemporary Peru and Chile (3 cr.) S & H Preconquest and colonial history of Peru. Multidisciplinary examination of twentieth-century culture. Colonial and nineteenth-century history of Chile. Contemporary culture with emphasis on development since World War II.

L420 New Latin American Cinema (3 cr.) A & H, CSA A survey of Latin American film from the 1950s to the present. Taught in English, this course is interdisciplinary and cross-cultural and emphasizes the socioeconomic and political issues that gave rise to a specific movement.

L425 Latin American and Caribbean Languages (1-4 cr.) Languages of Latin America and the Caribbean, other than Spanish and Portuguese. The following languages are regularly offered: Nahuatl, Haitian Creole, and Quechua. May be repeated with a different language or higher level for a maximum of 6 credit hours in any one language.

L426 Special Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (1-3 cr.) Intensive study and analysis of selected Latin American and Caribbean problems of limited scope within an interdisciplinary format. Topics will vary but will ordinarily cut across fields, regions, or periods. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 9 credit hours.

L495 Undergraduate Readings in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (1-3 cr.) Designed to accommodate a student's individual interest in those thematic or regional areas in which courses are not offered but in which professors have expertise. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

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Cross-Listed Courses

Some of the following cross-listed courses may at times be joint-listed under Latin American and Caribbean Studies. For general seminar, readings, fieldwork, foreign study, or variable topic sections, students should verify Latin American and Caribbean Studies credit with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies academic advisor. Students may find a course on Latin American and Caribbean Studies that is not listed below. In such a case, they should consult the Latin American and Caribbean Studies academic advisor.

Cross-Listed Courses that Count Toward the Minor and the Area Certificate

A406 Fieldwork in Ethnography and Linguistics (cr. arr.)
A495 Individual Readings in Anthropology (2-4 cr.)
A496 Field Study in Anthropology (cr. arr.)
B405 Fieldwork in Bioanthropology (cr. arr.)
B472 Bioanthropology of Aboriginal America (3 cr.)
E110 Indians of Mexico: Ancient and Modern (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E321 Peoples of Mexico (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E322 Peoples of Brazil (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E327 Native Amazonians and the Environment (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E330 Indians of South America (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E335 Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica (3 cr.) CSA
E340 Indians of Mexico and Central America (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E370 Peasant Society and Culture (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E372 Racism and the Anthropology of Prejudice (3 cr.) S & H
E400 Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology (3 cr.)
E427 Human Adaptation: Cultural Approaches (3 cr.) S & H
E457 Ethnic Identity (3 cr.) S & H
E460 The Arts in Anthropology (3 cr.) A & H
P220 Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations (3 cr.) S & H
P230 Ancient Maya Archaeology (3cr.) S & H, CSA
P370 Ancient Civilizations of the Andes (3 cr.) CSA
P371 Prehistory of Lowland South America (3 cr.) CSA

Criminal Justice
P471 Comparative Study of Criminal Justice Systems (3 cr.) S & H

E303 Survey of International Economics (3 cr.) S & H
E332 International Monetary Economics (3 cr.)
E337 Economic Development (3 cr.)
E496 Foreign Study in Economics (3-8 cr.; once only) S & H

Fine Arts
A452 Art of Pre-Columbian America (4 cr.) S & H, CSA

Folklore and Ethnomusicology
F111 World Music and Culture (3 cr.) A & H
F315 Latin American Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
F356 Chicano Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
F364 Children's Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
F404 Topics in Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H
F420 Forms of Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H
F492 Traditional Music Instruments (3 cr.) A & H

G306 The Geography of Current Issues (3 cr.)
G317 Geography of Developing Countries (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
G323 Geography of Latin America (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
G324 Geography of the Caribbean (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
G450 Undergraduate Readings and Research in Geography (1-3 cr.; may be repeated once for credit)

A352 History of Latinos in the United States (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
F100/F200/F300/F400 Issues in Latin American History (3 cr.) S & H
F336 Modern Central American History (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
F343 Modern Brazil since 1850 (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
F346 Modern Mexico (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
H211-H212 Latin American Culture and Civilization I-II (3-3 cr.) S & H, CSA
J300 Seminar in History (Latin American history section) (3 cr.) S & H
J400 Seminar in History (Latin American history section) (3 cr.) S & H
T495 Undergraduate Readings in History (1-12 cr.)

Latino Studies
L101 Introduction to Latino Studies (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L102 Introduction to Latino History (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L103 Introduction to Latino Cultures (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L111 Introduction to Latino Film (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L301 Latino Immigrants in U.S. Society (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L302 Latinos in the Media (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L380 Latino/a Education Across the Americas (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L396 Seminar in Latino Studies (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L490 Individual Reading in Latino Studies (1-3 cr.)

C101-C102 Haitian Creole I-II (4-4 cr., undergrad.; 3-3 cr., grad.)
L367 Languages of the World (3 cr.) S & H

Political Science
Y200 Contemporary Political Problems (3 cr.) S & H
Y337 Latin American Politics (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
Y343 Development Problems in the Third World (3 cr.) S & H
Y345 Comparative Revolutions (3 cr.) S & H
Y346 Comparative Politics in Developing Countries (3 cr.) S & H
Y362 International Politics of Selected Regions (3 cr.) S & H
Y372 The Analysis of International Politics (3 cr.) S & H
Y396 Seminar in Political Science (3 cr.)
Y480 Undergraduate Readings in Political Science (1-6 cr.)
Y496 Foreign Study in Political Science (3-8 cr.)

Sociology S335 Race and Ethnic Relations (3 cr.) S & H

Spanish and Portuguese
S275 Introduction to Hispanic Culture (3 cr.) CSA
S276 Spanish for Hispanic Students III (3 cr.)
S315 Spanish in the Business World (3 cr.)
S317 Spanish Conversation and Diction (3 cr.)
S326 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (3 cr.) N & M
S331 The Hispanic World I (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
S333 The Hispanic World ( 3 cr.) A & H, CSA
S412 Spanish America: The Cultural Context (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
S420 Modern Spanish-American Prose Fiction (3 cr.) A & H
S423 The Craft of Translation (3 cr.)
S425 Spanish Phonetics (3 cr.) N & M
S428 Applied Spanish Linguistics (3 cr.)
S435 Literatura Chicana y Puertorriqueña (3 cr.) A & H
S471-S472 Spanish-American Literature I-II (3-3 cr.) A & H
S479 Mexican Literature (3 cr.) A & H
S480 Argentine Literature (3 cr.) A & H
S495 Hispanic Colloquium (3 cr.)
P317 Reading and Conversation in Portuguese (3 cr.)
P405 Literature and Film in Portuguese A & H, CSA
P410 Brazilian Cinema (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
P412 Brazil: The Cultural Context (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
P420 Literatures of the Portuguese-SpeakingWorld in Translation (3 cr.) A & H
P425 Structure of Portuguese Language (3 cr.)
P470 Poetry in Portuguese A & H, CSA
P475 Theatre in Portuguese A & H, CSA

Additional Cross-Listed Courses that Count Toward the Area Certificate

Kelley School of Business
D300 International Business Administration (3 cr.)
D301 International Business Environment (3 cr.)
D302 International Business: Operations of International Enterprise (3 cr.)
D490 Independent Study in International Business (cr. arr.)
D496 Foreign Study in Business (2-6 cr.)

School of Education
M300 Teaching in a Pluralistic Society (3 cr.)
L441 Bilingual Education: Introduction (3 cr.)

School of Journalism
J414 International News-Gathering Systems (3 cr.)

Jacobs School of Music
X413 Latin American Popular Music, Performance Emphasis (3 cr.)
X414 Latin American Ensemble (2 cr.)
Z375 Introduction to Latin American Music (3 cr.) A & H
Z413 Latin American Popular Music (3 cr.)

School of Public and Environmental Affairs
E100 Environmental Topics (3 cr.)
E400 Topics in Environmental Studies (3 cr.)
E465 Environmental Management in the Tropics (3 cr.)

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