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African Studies

Certificate in African Studies
Course Descriptions
Cross-Listed Courses


Director and Graduate Advisor

Professor John Hanson

Associate Director and Undergraduate Advisor

Maria Grosz-Ngate


A. B. Assensoh (African American and African Diaspora Studies), Salih Altoma (Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Randall Baker (School of Public and Environmental Affairs), Harbans Bhola (Emeritus, School of Education), George Brooks (History), Claude Clegg (History), Hasan El-Shamy (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Maurice Garnier (Sociology), Paula Girshick (Anthropology), Mary Goetze (Music), Kevin Hunt (Anthropology), Eileen Julien (African American and African Diaspora Studies, Comparative Literature, French and Italian), Phyllis Martin (Emerita, History), Heitor Martins (Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese), Portia Maultsby (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Patrick McNaughton (Fine Arts), Emilio Moran (Anthropology), Paul Newman (Emeritus, Linguistics), Samuel Obeng (Linguistics), Christine Ogan (Journalism), Patrick O'Meara (Political Science, Public and Environmental Affairs), Robert Port (Linguistics), Darlene Sadlier (Spanish and Portuguese), Kathy Schick (Anthropology), Jeanne Sept, (Anthropology), Suzanne Stetkevych (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Ruth Stone (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), David Thelen (History), Nicholas Toth (Anthropology), Richard Wilk (Anthropology)

Associate Professors

Robert Botne (Linguistics), Trevor Brown (Emeritus, Journalism), Mellonee Burnim (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Gracia Clark (Anthropology), Michael Gasser (Computer Science, Linguistics), Jane Goodman (Communication and Culture), Maria Elizabeth Grabe (Journalism), Matthew Guterl (African American and African Diaspora Studies), John Hanson (History), John Johnson (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Audrey McCluskey (African American and African Diaspora Studies), Murray McGibbon (Theatre and Drama), Patrick Munson (Anthropology), Ira Rosa (African American and African Diaspora Studies), Beverly Stoeltje (Anthropology), Richard Stryker (Emeritus, Political Science), Margaret Sutton (Education)

Assistant Professors

Akinwumi Adesokan (Comparative Literature), Heather Akou (Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design), Marion Frank-Wilson (English), Jane Goodman (Communication and Culture), Maria Grosz Ngate (Anthropology), Vivian Halloran (Comparative Literature), Trica Keaton (African American and African Diaspora Studies), Lauren Morris Maclean (Political Science), Murray McGibbon, (Theatre and Drama), Marissa Moorman (History), Diane Pelrine (Fine Arts), Travis Pickering (Anthropology), Michael Reece (Applied Health Science), Daniel Reed (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Dorothea Schulz (Religious Studies), N. Brian Winchester (Global Change)

Academic Advising

Woodburn Hall 221, (812) 855-6825

Area Studies Librarian

Marion Frank-Wilson

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The African Studies Program (AFRI) provides unique opportunities for students on the Indiana University Bloomington campus to study with distinguished faculty members to meet with visiting Africanists from all over the world, to learn African languages, and to use the outstanding facilities of the library, the Archives of Traditional Music, and the Fine Arts Museum. The program has both regional and subject-area concentrations in which faculty conduct research and offer courses. Regularly offered language courses include Arabic, Bambara, Swahili, Twi, and Zulu. Tutorial sections in many other African languages are provided as student need requires.

Undergraduate students can earn a Certificate in African Studies by completing a flexible course of study designed to fit their individual interests and needs. A certificate is more rigorous than a minor, showing potential employers and graduate schools that students have completed a comprehensive course of study in an important world region. A Certificate in African Studies also complements a major in many departments and professional schools throughout the university. Recognition that a student has earned a certificate appears on the transcript along with the student's major department. The certificate is awarded upon graduation from Indiana University.

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Certificate in African Studies


The Certificate in African Studies provides a background for careers in foreign service, government, business, law, the academic world, and other areas.

Required Courses

The certificate requires completion of 18 credit hours of Africa-related course work. In addition to L231 African Civilization and L232 Contemporary Africa, students must complete four elective courses, one of which must be at the 300 or 400 level. Elective courses may be selected from the dozens of Africa-related courses taught in the major disciplines and schools of the university. Students should have courses approved in advance by the associate director or director of African Studies. To be counted toward the certificate, elective courses must be taught by an African Studies Program faculty affiliate.

Students must also enroll for two semesters in a language other than English that is spoken on the African continent or demonstrate proficiency in such a language.

Completion of the language proficiency requirement does not count toward the required 18 credit hours needed for the certificate. Each semester the African Studies Program provides a list of courses that can be taken for certificate credit.

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Course Descriptions

L231 African Civilization (3 cr.) S & H, CSA An historical introduction to Africa.

L232 Contemporary Africa (3 cr.) S & H, CSA An introduction to current social, economic, and political issues in Africa.

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Cross-Listed Courses

African American and African Diaspora Studies

A150 Survey of the Culture of Black Americans (3 cr.) A & H, CSA, TFR
A210 Black Women in the Diaspora (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
A278 Contemporary Black Film (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
A352 Afro-American Art II: Afro-American Artists (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
A355 Afro-American History I (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
A356 Afro-American History II (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
A360 Slavery: Worldwide Perspective S & H, CSA
A400 Topics in Afro-American Studies (History of Social Movements: Afro-American and Pan-African Protest Strategies; African American and African Protest Strategies) (3 cr.)


A105 Human Origins and Prehistory (3 cr.) S & H
A205 Anthropology Today: Selected Topics in Current Research (Topic: West Africa Today)
A303 Evolution and Prehistory (3 cr.) S & H
B400 Undergraduate Seminar (Topic: Primate Behavior) (3 cr.)
E105 Culture and Society (3 cr.) S & H
E200 Social and Cultural Anthropology (3 cr.) S & H
E310 Introduction to the Cultures of Africa (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
E312 African Religions (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
E400 Undergraduate Seminar (3 cr.)
E405 Principles of Social Organization (3 cr.)
E417 African Women (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E420 Economic Anthropology (3 cr.) S & H
E427 Human Adaptation: Cultural Approaches (3 cr.) S & H
E455 Anthropology of Religion (3 cr.) S & H
E480 Theory of Culture Change (3 cr.)
E490 Development and Anthropology (3 cr.)
L200 Language and Culture (3 cr.) S & H
P200 Introduction to Archaeology (3 cr.) S & H
P314 Earlier Prehistory of Africa (3 cr.) S & H
P315 Later Prehistory of Africa (3 cr.) S & H
P380 Prehistoric Diet and Nutrition (3 cr.) N & M

Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

H401 Cultural Aspects of Dress (3 cr.) CSA
H404 International Textiles and Apparel (3 cr.)

College of Arts and Sciences

E103 Topics in Arts and Humanities (3 cr.) (Topics pertaining to African Studies)
E104 Topics in Social and Historical Studies (3 cr.) (Topics pertaining to African Studies

Comparative Literature

C261 Introduction to African Literature (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C340 Women in World Literature (3 cr.) A & H, CSA (Topics with emphasis on Africa)
C347 Slavery in Theory and Literature (3 cr.) A & H
C361 African Literature and Other Arts (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
C400 Studies in Comparative Literature (3 cr.) A & H (Topics with emphasis on Africa)
C464 French Language Literature of Africa and the Americas (3 cr.) A & H, CSA

Fine Arts

A150 African, New World, and Oceanic Art (3 cr.) S & H
A250 Introduction to African Art (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
A356 Art of Central Africa (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
A454 Art of Sub-Saharan Africa II: Arts of the West African Coast (4 cr.) S & H, CSA
A455 Art, Craft, and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa (3 cr.) CSA
A458 Topics in the Ethnographic Arts (3 cr.) S & H

Folklore and Ethnomusicology

F101 Introduction to Folklore (3 cr.) A & H
F111 World Music and Culture (3 cr.) A & H
F121 Introduction to Folklife (3 cr.) A & H (CSA for this topic only: Black Music of Two Worlds)
F205 Folklore in Video and Film (3 cr.) A & H, TFR
F301 African Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
F307 Middle Eastern Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H, CSA (Topics with emphasis on North African communities)
F354 African American Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
F403 Practicum in Folklore/Ethnomusicology (3 cr.)
F450 Music in Religious Thought and Experience (3 cr.)
F494 Transcription and Analysis of Traditional Music (3 cr.) A & H


E100 Issues in African History (3 cr.) S & H
E331 African History from Ancient Times to Empires and City States (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E332 African History from Colonial Rule to Independence (3-3 cr.) S & H, CSA E333 Conflict in Southern Africa (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E334 History of Western Africa (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E336 History of East Africa (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
E338 History of Muslim West Africa (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
H101-H102 The World in the Twentieth Century I-II (3-3 cr.) I: S & H. II: S & H, CSA
H203 Islamic Civilization to 1300 (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
H227 African Civilizations (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
J200 Seminar in History (3 cr.) S & H (Topics with emphasis on Africa)
J300 Seminar in History (3 cr.) S & H (Topic: Contemporary Africa)


A400 Individual Study of African Language (3 cr.)
B101-B102 Elementary Bambara I-II (4-4 cr.)
B201-B202 Intermediate Bambara I-II (3-3 cr.)
B301-B302 Advanced Bambara I-II (3-3 cr.)
L112 Language and Politics (3 cr.) S & H, TFR
L114 Language and Religion (3 cr.) A & H, TFR
L303 Introduction to Literary Analysis (3 cr.) N & M
L306 Introduction to Phonetics (3 cr.) N & M
L367 Languages of the World (3 cr.) S & H
L431 Field Methods (3 cr.)
L432 Advanced Field Methods (3 cr.)
L480 Introduction to African Linguistics (3 cr.) S & H
L481 Languages in Africa (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
L490 Linguistic Structures (3 cr.)
S101-S102 Elementary Swahili I-II (4-4 cr.)
S201-S202 Intermediate Swahili I-II (3-3 cr.)
S301-S302 Advanced Swahili I-II (3-3 cr.)
W101 Elementary Twi/Akan I (4 cr.)
W102 Elementary Twi/Akan II (4 cr.)
W201 Intermediate Twi/Akan I ( 3 cr.)
W202 Intermediate Twi/Akan II (3 cr.)
W301 Advanced Twi/Akan I (3 cr.)
W302 Advanced Twi/Akan II (3 cr.)
Z101 Elementary Zulu I (4 cr.)
Z102 Elementary Zulu II (4 cr.)
Z201 Intermediate Zulu I (3 cr.)
Z202 Intermediate Zulu II (3 cr.)
Z301 Advanced Zulu I (3 cr.)
Z302 Advanced Zulu II (3 cr.)

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

A100-A150 Elementary Arabic I-II (4-4 cr.)
A200-A250 Intermediate Arabic I-II (3-3 cr.)
A300-A350 Advanced Arabic I-II (3-3 cr.)
N181-N182 Qu'Anic Arabic I-II (3-3 cr.)
N223 Conversational Arabic I (3 cr.)
N255 Multimedia Arabic (3 cr.)

Political Science

Y107 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 cr.) S & H
Y200 Contemporary Political Topics (3 cr.) S & H
Y324 Women and Politics (3 cr.) S & H
Y338 African Politics (3 cr.) S & H, CSA
Y343 The Politics of International Development (3 cr.) S & H
Y362 International Politics of Selected Regions (Africa) (3 cr.) S & H
Y396 Seminar in Political Science (3 cr.) Topic: U.S. and World Hunger and Poverty

Spanish and Portuguese

P400 Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World I (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
P401 Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World II (3 cr.) A & H, CSA
P415 Women Writing in Portuguese (3 cr.) A & H
P495 Luso-Brazilian Colloquium (1-3 cr.) Topic: Literatures of Africa in Portuguese

School of Journalism

J414 International News Gathering Systems (Africa) (3 cr.)

School of Public and Environmental Affairs

E465 Environmental Management in the Tropics (3 cr.)
V450 Contemporary Issues in Public Affairs (Africa) (1-3 cr.)

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