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Master of Public Affairs Dual Degree Programs

International Dual M.P.A. Degrees and Programs

Since fall 2015, select O'Neill graduate students have the opportunity to pursue concurrent masters degrees at O'Neill and an international partner university. Courses in these programs are taught in English. You must apply separately and be accepted by each program to participate in this opportunity.

South Korea: Seoul National University

Complete a dual degree with Seoul National University (SNU). SNU's Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA) and SPEA have joined together to offer dual MPA degrees from the two institutions. GPSA aims to educate high-level civil servants, cultivate new future leaders of civil society, and provide top-class executive programs for current leaders in the public and private sectors. GSPA is located in a beautiful mountainous region south of the Han River in southeast Seoul, a vibrant city of 12 million people and site of South Korea's capital. The Seoul Metropolitan region is not only the thriving hub of South Korea, but a gateway to East Asia, within hours of Tokyo, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

Dual Degree Student Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue the dual MPA program will have to apply to both IUB O'Neill and SNU GSPA separately and fulfill each university's admission criteria independently.  In order to qualify as dual degree applicants, students must apply to both programs concurrently or be currently enrolled in one of the programs upon application to the other. Additionally, applicants to O'Neill will have to pass IU's international student English language requirements. Korean language testing will not be required since SNU GSPA courses are taught in English.

Dual Degree Credit Hour and Graduation Requirements 
SNU GSPA Students IUB SPEA Students
Year 1 24 GSPA hours* 27 SPEA hours***
8 courses at 3 hours each 9 courses at 3 hours each
7 courses: 6 at 3 hours; one at 6 hours
3 SPEA hours 3 online SPEA hours
1 class at 3 hours - taught via video-conference
Summer Credit 6 SPEA hours 6 SPEA hours
2 classes at 3 hours 2 classes at 3 hours
Year 2 27 SPEA hours*** 24 GSPA hours*
9 classes at 3 hours 8 courses at 3 hours each
7 courses: 6 at 3 hours; one at 6 hours
SNU GSPA 24 total credits
IUB SPEA 36 total credits
60 total credits

* = chosen concentration, electives, two independent study courses
* * = combination of summer programs (O'Neill Study Abroad), directed readings, internship
***=combination of core and concentration, elective courses, and one independent study

Note: core O'Neill courses include 4 courses for a total of 12 hours
Note: after core courses are satisfied, students have a remaining 24 hours to distribute towards one (or multiple concentrations at O'Neill)
Note: independent study refers to development of a thesis

SNU GSPA MPA thesis requirement

For the SNU GSPA MPA degree, students in the dual MPA program must submit a Master's thesis proposal and complete their Master's thesis, which has to be approved by SNU GSPA committee members according to the SNU GSPA academic calendar (i.e. either by mid-June or mid-December of the relevant year).

Total credit hour summary

For the SNU GSPA MPA degree, students will take 24 hours of credit at SNU GSPA out of the 36 credits required for that degree (66.7% GSPA credit). For the IUB SPEA MPA degree, students will take 36 hours of credit at IUB O'Neill out of the 48 credits required for that degree (75% SPEA credit).

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