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Certificate Programs

Certificate in Rural Arts Adminstration

The Certificate in Rural Arts Administration is a 15 credit hour program of study. The Rural Arts Administration Certificate prepares students to manage and lead an arts organization in a rural setting, and an understanding of the specific challenges that come with rural arts development in the contemporary era. They will also be familiar with the changing economic and social environment of the rural Midwest, and the key public policy issues affecting rural development, and the arts.

Required Courses (9 credit hours)
AADM-Y 502 Organizational Behavior and the Arts (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 551 Cultural Planning and Community Development (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 750 Internship in Arts Administration (3 cr.)
Electives (6 credit hours)

Choose any two courses from the following:

AADM-Y 500 Topics in Arts Administration (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 504 Arts Organizations in the Public and Private Sectors (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 505 Programming the Performing Arts (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 506 Curating for Museums and Galleries (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 508 Performing Arts Organization Management (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 511 Performing Arts Center Management (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 515 Performing Arts Center Management (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 525 Museum Management (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 530 Audience Development and Marketing the Arts (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 550 Practicum in Arts Administration (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 558 Fund Development for Nonprofit Organizations (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 559 Public Policy and the Arts (3 cr.)
AADM-Y 562 Legal Issues in the Arts (3 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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