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Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management

The Certificate in Hazardous Materials Management is a 15 credit hour program of study. The program provides managers and technicians in concerned organizations and agencies, public and private, with training in the management of hazardous materials. The certificate program provides an information base that these managers and technicians can use to develop, implement, manage, and assess hazardous waste programs for local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. Graduate students in other disciplines can use the program to supplement their primary fields with course work in hazardous materials management, possibly using the certificate courses as part of a doctoral or master’s minor.

Required Courses (9 credit hours)
SPEA-E 520 Environmental Toxicology (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 542 Hazardous Materials (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 562 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (3 cr.)
Electives (6 credit hours)

Two of the following courses:

SPEA-E 510 Hazardous Materials Regulation (3 cr.)

SPEA-E 515

Fundamentals of Air Pollution (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 526 Applied Mathematics for Environmental Science (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 536 Environmental Chemistry (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 552 Environmental Engineering (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 553 Creation and Solution of Environmental Models (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 554 Groundwater Flow Modeling (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 556 Limnology (4 cr.)
SPEA-E 560 Environmental Risk Analysis (3 cr.)
SPEA-H 433 Industrial Hygiene and Radiological Health (3 cr.)
GEOL-G 430 Principles of Hydrology (3 cr.)
GEOL-G 451 Principles of Hydrogeology (3 cr.)
GEOL-G 551 Advanced Hydrogeology (3 cr.)
GEOL-G 585 Environmental Geochemistry (3 cr.)

Or other specialty courses with the approval of the graduate program advisor.

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