Bloomington Campus

Master of Science in Environmental Science

Water Resources Concentration

The water resources concentration emphasizes scientific principles of water quantity and quality. Courses provide information and problem-solving skills using biological, chemical, and physical descriptions of water in the environment. Courses should be selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

SPEA-E 440 Wetlands: Biology and Regulation (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 455 Limnology (4 cr.)
SPEA-E 460 Fisheries and Wildlife Management (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 461 Fisheries and Wildlife Management Laboratory (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 520 Environmental Toxicology (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 528 Forest Ecology and Management (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 534 Restoration Ecology (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 537 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 539 Aquatic Chemistry (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 544 Subsurface Microbiology and Bioremediation (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 545 Lake and Watershed Management (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 546 Stream Ecology (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 552 Environmental Engineering (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 554 Groundwater Flow Modeling (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 557 Conservation Biology (3 cr.)

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