Bloomington Campus

Master of Science in Environmental Science

Experential Requirement

(0–24 credit hours) Each candidate for the MSES degree must obtain professionally relevant experience through one of the following options:

  • Approved Internship (0–6 credit hours) The student will work with the SPEA Office of Career Services to arrange for a suitable internship. Internships vary greatly according to the expectations and requirements of the sponsor. Students are expected to give careful attention in the selection of an internship suitable to their professional goals.
  • Thesis Option (18–24 credit hours) Refer to the discussion of the thesis option above.
  • Prior Professional Experience (0–6 credit hours) Students who have had significant environmental management, technical, or administrative work experience in the past may receive 6 credit hours. To receive 3 credit hours, a student must have a minimum of one year’s technical or administrative work experience. To receive 4–6 credit hours, the student should have two or more years of experience in environmental science or environmental management.
  • Determination of professional credit is made separately from decisions about transfer of credit. Under no circumstances will the prior professional experience credit and transfer credit total more than 21 hours. Students receiving prior professional experience credit should carefully plan the balance of their program with the Curriculum Advisory Committee.

Academic Bulletins

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