Bloomington Campus

Master of Science in Environmental Science

Environmental Science Core Competencies

(15 credit hours)

Each student should demonstrate a competency in the following areas of environmental science: mathematics, statistics, chemistry, engineering principles, and ecology. The selection of courses may vary according to the student’s background. Some or all of the following course categories may be appropriate to be determined in consultation with the gatekeepers fo each course category.


SPEA-E 526 Applied Mathematics for Environmental Science (3 cr.)


SPEA-E 527 Applied Ecology (3 cr.) or

SPEA-E 532 Introduction to Applied Ecology (3 cr.)


SPEA-E 536 Environmental Chemistry (3 cr.)


SPEA-E 538 Statistics for Environmental Science (3 cr.) or

SPEA-V 506 Statistical Analysis for Effective Decision Making (3 cr.)

Engineering Principles

SPEA-E 552 Environmental Engineering (3 cr.) or

SPEA-E 431 Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment (3 cr.) or

SPEA-E 555 Energy Systems Engineering (3cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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