Bloomington Campus

Master of Science in Environmental Science

Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, and Risk Assessment Concentration

This concentration addresses the fate and transport of chemicals in the environment and the hazards and risks to human health and the environment associated with chemical pollution. Courses on the chemical/physical/biological reactions of pollutants in soil, aquatic, and atmospheric systems are included. Additional courses study the hazards associated with chemicals used in modern society, technologies available to manage and remediate contaminated sites, the toxicological effects of chemical exposure, and methods to assess risks associated with chemicals in the environment. Courses should be selected in consultation with a faculty advisor.

SPEA-E 515 Fundamentals of Air Pollution (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 520 Environmental Toxicology (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 537 Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 539 Aquatic Chemistry (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 542 Hazardous Materials (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 544 Subsurface Microbiology and Bioremediation (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 554 Groundwater Flow Modeling (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 560 Environmental Risk Analysis (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 562 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (3 cr.)
SPEA-E 570 Environmental Soil Science (3 cr.)

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