Public Financial Administration

(18 credit hours) Courses in this concentration develop technical skills necessary for budget analysis, preparation, and operation; analysis and application of tax policy; and public financial planning.

Required Courses (9 credit hours)

Three of the following courses:

SPEA-V 507 Data Analysis and Modeling for Public Affairs (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 609 Seminar in Revenue Theory and Administration (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 610 Seminar in Government Budget and Program Analysis (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 667 Seminar in Public Capital and Debt Theory (3 cr.)

One of the following courses:

SPEA-V 541 Benefit-Cost Analysis of Public and Environmental Policies (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 542 Governmental Financial Accounting and Reporting (3 cr.)
Electives (6 credit hours)

Two of the following courses or other graduate courses approved by a concentration advisor as equivalent substitutions:

SPEA-V 516 Public Management Information Systems (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 562 Public Program Evaluation (3 cr.)
SPEA-V 570 Public Sector Labor Relations (3 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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