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Office of Career Services

SPEA’s Office of Career Services (OCS) provides a wide range of career development programming and services for graduate students. Career counselors meet with students soon after they begin their first semester to plot the students’ career timelines, and to help orient them with the services that the OCS provides, which include:

  • Career counseling and guidance
  • Career workshops and employer information sessions
  • Critiquing resumes, cover letters, and other application materials
  • Assist with formulation of job/internship strategies
  • Providing career networking opportunities
  • Guidance and training in key career areas including interviewing, career research, and salary negotiation
  • Continuing career services assistance following graduation

The OCS also offers students a number of resources to facilitate the internship and job search process, including:

  • Access to—an internship/job bank specifically customized to service the needs of SPEA students
  • Unlimited use of the office fax machine for sending as well as receiving faxes
  • Free long distance telephone use for phone interviews and professional communications
  • A library of text resources, including employment guides, periodicals, and books
  • An extensive collection of Web-based career resources
  • Free photocopying of career development materials and documents
  • Access to skills and personality assessment tools, such as the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory

The OCS continually strives to develop strong relationships with the best employers to facilitate their ongoing recruitment of SPEA’s graduates. In partnership with employers and alumni, OCS coordinates on-campus interviews to help facilitate students’ internship/job search process.

The OCS also helps students access potential employers by coordinating regional and national career development site visits. Trips to Indianapolis, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. help position students for pursuit of employment opportunities with governmental, nonprofit, consulting, environmental, and international organizations. The OCS works with SPEA alumni, recruiters, and other contacts within these organizations to set up information sessions tailored specifically to the educational and professional backgrounds of the visiting students.

Bloomington Campus
Office of Career Services
SPEA 200
(812) 855-9639

For answers to specific questions on the Indianapolis campus, students may contact:

Indianapolis Campus
Career and Employment Services
Business/SPEA 2010
(317) 274-2554

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