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Financial Aid

Fee Scholarships/Hourly Positions
Graduate Assistantships
Fellowship and Scholarship Awards
SLIS Financial Support for Doctoral Students


SLIS departmental aid for master's and specialist degree students focuses on fee scholarship packages that include part-time hourly jobs (see below). These aid packages are highly competitive. Students must have a complete application on file, or be fully admitted by the following deadlines to be considered for SLIS aid: January 15 for fall aid and October 1 for spring. Students also must complete the appropriate SLIS financial aid application or indicate they wish to be considered according to the proced ures outlined through SLIS e-mail notices each semester.

In addition to the SLIS fee scholarship packages, a number of one-time cash fellowship awards are available through the generosity of alumni and supporters of the school. Application procedures for these awards vary. Details are outlined below and on the SLIS Web site (www.slis.indiana.edu/admissions/financial.html). Questions can be directed to the SLIS Administrative Office.

Financial aid recipients must make adequate progress toward their degrees each semester and meet all other requirements of the award, or financial support may be discontinued. It is the responsibility of each recipient to confirm the tax status of any awa rd with the Internal Revenue Service.

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Fee Scholarships/Hourly Positions

Each year the School of Library and Information Science awards approximately 30 fee scholarships for the academic year to students on the Bloomington campus. These awards cover 30 credit hours of tuition fees, excluding the university's dedicated fees, wh ich are currently about $22 per credit hour. The majority of these scholarships are awarded to students matriculating in the fall semester, and the 30 credit hours of fee scholarship must be used within one calendar year of the award. These awards are lin ked to the guaranteed hourly positions in the school or the University Libraries. The positions offer valuable experience to students who show high potential as information professionals. Acceptance of the fee scholarship requires acceptance of the hourly position offered. No SLIS master's or Specialist student may receive one of these fee scholarships for more than one calendar year.

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Graduate Assistantships

Several graduate assistantships are available to SLIS master's degree candidates through the University Cyclotron Facility, Department of Chemistry, and, on some occasions, other university departments. These assistantships, which include fee scholarships and stipends, require the appropriate academic background for part-time service in the specific department or agency.

Graduate Assistantships at IUPUI : Graduate assistantships that include tuition remission and employment in the University Library are available to SLIS students attending classes on the Indianapolis campus.
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Fellowship and Scholarship Awards

The school also offers annual awards to students in the SLIS degree programs. Many of these awards are made possible through the generous gifts from SLIS supporters, often given in honor or memory of the person for which the scholarship is named. Procedur al details are available on the SLIS Web site, and by contacting the SLIS Administrative Office. Examples of available awards include the following:

Janice Kilner Egloff Scholarship - $500 annual award

Dennis K. Grumling Award - $100 annual award for excellence in cataloging

Frances E. Hammitt Scholarship - $1000 annual award

Mary E. Krutulis Fellowships - $1500 annual award; and $1500 annual award for youth services

Margaret I. Rufsvold Graduate Fellowship - $2000 annual award

Harold and Marjorie Sharp Scholarship - $1000 annual award with preference for special library career paths

Clayton A. Shepherd Scholarship - $2000 annual award with emphasis on information science and technology

Evelyn Ray Sickels Award - $250 annual award for youth services

Caroline Smerk Award - $350 annual award for art librarianship

ALA Spectrum Initiative Matching Award - 18 credit hours of fee remission for up to two students who receive ALA Spectrum Scholarships and who elect to attend IU

H.W. Wilson Scholarships - varying awards given

Yuan T'ung Li Fellowship - $1000 annual award to a student of Chinese ancestry

Other Scholarship and Aid Resources

Students are advised to continue checking the SLIS Web site for updated scholarship information. In addition to SLIS departmental aid, there are professional associations and institutions (see examples below) that offer support to library and information science graduate students. Student loans and part-time jobs are also options to explore.

AIME (Association for Indiana Media Educators) Scholarships are offered to students planning a career in Indiana school libraries and media centers. Application details are published by the association and by SLIS when they become available.

ILF (Indiana Library Federation) Scholarships are awarded annually by the ILF to students who are Indiana residents, have economic need, and are studying or wish to study for a career in librarianship. Awards are made each spring, and recipients mu st agree to work in an Indiana library for one year following degree receipt. Details for application are publicized each spring by SLIS and the federation.

InULA (Indiana University Librarians Association) Scholarships are awarded annually to a full or part-time student currently enrolled in a School of Library and Information Science master's degree program. A $1000 award is given each year. Students must complete an application form, a statement of professional philosophy and goals, and arrange to have at least one letter of reference sent directly to the current InULA president as listed on the application each year. InULA reserves the right to pub lish the winning statement in its newsletter. Deadline for submission is March 1.

Student employment opportunities in part-time positions on campus and in the community are frequently available. The IU Libraries and the campus University Information and Technology Services (UITS) department are key employers of SLIS students. SL IS announces opportunities as they become available.

Student loans and other financial aid opportunities are available to graduate students in Bloomington through the Office of Student Financial Assistance, Indiana University, Franklin Hall 208, Bloomington, IN 47405-2801, (812) 855-0321, http://www.indiana.edu/~sfa

International Student Aid The School of Library and Information Science is unable to offer departmental aid to international students for their first semester of enrollment. In some cases a continuing international student will receive financial assistance following the first semester in SLIS, but in no case does the available aid approach the entire amount needed for the support of an international student attending a graduate degree program at Indiana University. The university will not issue visa documentation until the international student submits evidence of complete financial support. Information on other financial aid for international students may be obtained from the Office of International Services, Indiana University, Franklin Hall 306, Bloomington, IN 47405-2801, (812) 855-9086. The IU International Center Web site (www.indiana.edu/~intlcent) also is useful.

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SLIS Financial Support for Doctoral Students

There are a variety of financial aid sources for doctoral students, including fellowships awarded by the university to outstanding graduate students, and government-funded awards under the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program. Sch olarships established by alumni and supporters contribute to Ph.D. departmental aid packages (for example, the Margaret Griffin Coffin Scholarship and the Sarah Reed Scholarship). Qualified Ph.D. students may apply for the Clayton A. Shepherd Scholarship. SLIS also provides support to Ph.D. students in the form of graduate assistantships and other kinds of direct aid. Teaching opportunities are often available. International students are required by the University Graduate School to demonstrate financial independence before being admitted to the program. Questions should be directed to the director of the SLIS Doctoral Program.

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