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School of Journalism
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School of Journalism
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The Certificate in Journalism

Students in good academic standing at Indiana University who are not majoring in journalism, telecommunications, sports communication program—broadcast emphasis, or any other major or program that requires a substantial number of mass communications courses are eligible to apply to the certificate program. Students must file an application with the School of Journalism.

To be considered for admission, students must have completed 26 credit hours with a minimum 2.2 cumulative grade point average (FX and WF will be calculated as F), including the following:

• one of these three journalism courses with a grade of C or higher
    J 110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communications
    J 200 Reporting, Writing and Editing I
    J 210 Visual Communication
• English composition with a grade of C or higher (or exemption)
• one semester of a foreign language
• one fundamental skills mathematics course with a grade of C–     or higher (or exemption)

Required Courses

A grade of C– or higher in each course (with the exception of the journalism course used for admission to the Certificate—J 110, J 200 or J 210—in which a grade of C or higher is required) and an overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken for the certificate are required.

1. Core courses, 16 credit hours:
    • J 110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication
    • J 155 Research Techniques for Journalists (1 credit hour)
    • J 200 Reporting, Writing and Editing I
    • J 210 Visual Communication
    • J 300 Communications Law
    • J 410 The Media as Social Institutions
2. Two courses from the approved list of advanced skills courses,     6 credit hours:
    • J 201 Reporting, Writing and Editing II
    • J 315 Feature Writing
    • J 341 Newspaper Reporting
    • J 342 Magazine Reporting
    • J 343 Broadcast News
    • J 344 Photojournalism Reporting
    • J 349 Public Relations Writing
    • J 351 Newspaper Editing
    • J 352 Magazine Editing
    • J 353 Advanced Broadcast News
    • J 354 Photojournalism Editing
    • J 385 Television News
    • J 401 Depth Reporting and Editing
    • J 413 Magazine Article Writing
    • J 420 Advertising as Communication
    • J 429 Public Relations Campaigns
    • J 444 Adavanced Photojournalism
    • J 455 News Analysis and Opinion Writing
    • J 463 Graphic Design I
    • J 464 Infographics
    • J 465 Graphic Design II
3. One 3 credit hour elective, selected from journalism, or a     College of Arts and Sciences intensive writing or statistics     course.

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