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International Studies

  • INTL-I 500 Topics in Global Studies (3 cr.) Explores a variety of world issues such as politics, religion, and globalization; urbanization, space, and development; and international security in the 21st century. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 12 credit hours.
  • INTL-I 502 Seminar in Global Health and Environment (3 cr.) Advanced seminar examining pressing health and environmental challenges around the world, such as deforestation, climate change, and the spread of infectious diseases. Focuses on the interaction of health and environmental problems that cross national borders and require a multinational or global effort to solve.
  • INTL-I 503 Seminar in Global Development (3 cr.) Advanced seminar that focuses on the interaction between social, political, and economic forces and human development at global, national, and subnational scales; introduces theoretical perspectives on economic development and the function of markets.
  • INTL-I 504 Seminar in Human Rights and International Law (3 cr.) Advanced seminar that focuses on human rights discourse and the role international law, treaties and conventions play in addressing these rights globally. Course is interdisciplinary in theory and method.
  • INTL-I 505 Seminar in International Communication and the Arts (3 cr.) Advanced seminar focusing on the circulation of ideas, images, and artistic expressions across national borders as means of interpersonal and cultural forms of communication. Examines communication as a process governed by culture-specific and institution-specific rules.
  • INTL-I 506 Seminar in Identity and Conflict (3 cr.) Advanced seminar in examining concepts of nationalism and state ideology that shape the world's collective identities and contribute to conflicts nationally and internationally.
  • INTL-I 510 Seminar in Diplomacy, Security, Governance (3 cr.) Advanced seminar examining the role of international organizations in maintaining global security and promoting global governance. Addresses issues of political and cultural diplomacy and their effect in international disputes.
  • INTL-I 515 Research Methods in International Studies (3 cr.) Advanced seminar on research methodology used in international studies. Completion before the student's international experience/internship is strongly recommended.
  • INTL-I 545 Practicum in Human Rights Law and International Organizations (1-6 cr.) Advanced seminar and practicum examining the development, structure, and potential of international human rights laws and the institutions designed to protect them, focusing on the theoretical and practical tools needed to effectively engage with the international human rights legal system.
  • INTL-I 550 Global Governance (3 cr.) Discussion of debates over global governance. Focus on specific governance topics, including international organizations, law, and NGOs in creating order in global relations.
  • INTL-I 680 International Studies Master's Capstone (3 cr.) P:I515 This seminar is designed to consolidate the studies of master's students who have completed all International Studies graduate degree requirements. Students must complete a project that addresses an issue appropriate to international studies.
  • INTL-I 701 Interdisciplinary Seminar in Issues and Approaches in Global Studies (3 cr.) This graduate seminar is designed to stimulate students to think critically about a broad range of theoretical and methodological issues involved in global research, including ethics, qualitative and quantitative approaches, the intersection of the global and local, and research designs from different disciplinary perspectives.
  • INTL-I 702 Independent Study in Global Studies (1-4 cr.) Independent research, investigation, and synthesis of scholarship that crosses disciplines. Supervised by a faculty member upon the approval of the department. May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits.
  • INTL-I 705 Human Rights Multidisciplinary Graduate Seminar (3 cr.) This multidisciplinary seminar is the gateway course for the Ph.D. Minor in Human Rights, though students from all graduate programs and schools with interests in human rights are welcome to attend.

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