General Requirements for Advanced Degrees

Ph.D. Degree

Double Majoring

Students may pursue two majors in two departments simulta­neously, if so recommended by each department and approved by the dean. Two general requirements pertain to double ma­jors: (1) there must be a substantive relationship between the two major fields, particularly with respect to the topic of the student’s dissertation; and (2) all degree requirements for each major must be fulfilled, including the passing of two sets of qualifying examinations. In some instances it may be possible to count the same work toward requirements in both depart­ments (e.g., a specific foreign language acceptable in both pro­grams). The exact courses of study and examinations required are to be determined by members of the research committee from each of the majors. Any area of substantial overlap in the two courses of study or in the examinations is to be negotiated by the committee as a whole and approved by the dean.

There must be at least four faculty members on both the advisory and research committees for a double major, with two from each of the majors. Additionally, the research committe must have two chairs (co-chairs), one from each of the majors.  If other minor fields are involved, a representative must also be present from each of these.

A total of 90 credit hours is required for the Ph.D. degree with a double major. While judicious program planning may permit completion of some double majors within the 90 credit hours, other students may accrue additional hours due to the pro­grams of study required for each major. In recognition of such a possibility, students in the program will be allowed one addi­tional year, for a total of eight years, before they must take the qualifying examinations. A link to the complete set of rules relating to double majors and the appropriate form for applying for a double major can be found on the University Graduate School Forms page or by downloading it here.

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