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Departmental Email:  urbanphd [at] iupui [dot] edu

Degree Offered

Doctor of Philosophy


Apply by: December 1st (initial screening begins for admission the following Fall).

Admission to the program is competitive and requires faculty approval. Admission is based on the applicant's qualifications, including GRE scores, official transcripts, a personal interview, and references.

Admission criteria

  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your personal and intellectual traits. One must come from a university faculty member who has knowledge of your academic ability from undergraduate but preferably master's level work.

  • A minimum 1000 word personal statement summarizing immediate and long-term professional goals in pursuing doctoral work in urban education and a proposed area of research.

  • One writing sample (i.e. published paper, technical report, final paper from graduate work, etc...)

  • Competitive scores of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). All applicants must have GRE scores, including the writing portion, on file. Scores are required to be completed within five years of the final date of application. Please note: Applicants are advised to take the GRE at least four to six weeks before the PhD application due date. When you take the test, be sure to indicate that you want your scores sent to institution code 1325, department 3906.

  • Official college transcripts, in English, from each college or university you have attended since high school (preferred minimum 3.5 GPA in graduate coursework, undergraduate GPA 3.0)

  • A current curriculum vitae, including descriptions of the position and setting in which you are currently employed, dates of employment and responsibilities. Also include information about your former employment history specifically as it relates to education. Note your involvement in professional and community organizations related to education broadly defined, along with any awards, honors, publications written and published, presentations given, and continuing educational experiences.

  • A master's degree is required before entering the Ph.D. program. (However, you may enroll in the urban education masters degree, complete that degree, and in your last year of this degree apply for the doctoral program in Urban Education Studies.)

  • In addition, admissions will follow the standard policies and procedures of the Indiana University-IUPUI Graduate School.

For international students:

Complete the above list AND the following:

  • A minimum score of 550 written, 213 computer, or 79 Internet-based version on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for those students whose native language is not English.

Please send all materials to:

School of Education
ATTN: Donnella Dillon
Graduate Admissions
902 W. New York St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5155


A total of 90 semester credit hours are required to complete the program, distributed as follows:

Urban Education Studies Major (36 cr.)

Required Courses (21 cr.)

  • Issues in Urban Education (3 cr.)

  • Seminar in Multicultural and Global Education (3 cr.)

  • Internship in Urban Education (3 cr.)

  • Doctoral Seminar in Urban Education (3 cr.)

  • Research Practicum (3 cr.)

  • Research Seminar in Urban Education (3 cr.)

Additional Courses (15 cr.; student must take 5 from the following)

  • Poitical Perspectives of Education (3 cr.)

  • Education and Social Issues (3 cr.)

  • Philosophy of Education (3 cr.)

  • Instruction in the Context in the Curriculum (3 cr.)

  • Curriculum Theory and Practice (3 cr.)

  • Families, School and Society (3 cr.)

  • Instructional Issues in Language Learning (3 cr.)

  • Language Education Issues in Bilingual and Multicultural Education (3 cr.)

  • ESL/EFL Instruction and Assessment Approaches (3 cr.)

  • Special Education Policies and Practices (3 cr.)

  • Assessment in Schools (3 cr.)

  • Inter-professional Collaboration in Urban Schools and Communities (3 cr.)

  • Organizational Change in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Schools (3 cr.)

  • Topics in Urban Education:  Variable Topics (3 cr.)

  • Cultural/Community forces and the Schools (3 cr.)

  • Action research I (3 cr.)

Research Core (15 credit hours)

  • Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education (3)

  • Statistical Design of Education Research (3) or

  • Multivariate Analysis in Educational Research (3)

  • Critical Qualitative Inquiry (3)

  • Qualitative Inquiry in Education (3)

  • Advanced Research Methods (3 cr.; selected with approval from faculty advisor)

Minor (12-18 credit hours)

  • Students identify a minor in consultation with their Program Committee.  The courses that constitute the minor will be taken in areas of study either outside the major or outside the School of Education (e.g., Social Work, Public Health (Medicine), Urban Health Care (Nursing), Rehabilitation and Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology (STEM focus), Business).

Electives (9-15 credit hours)

  • Students will have some freedom in course selection for this category, as it is designed to provide flexibility and enable students to have breadth of knowledge determined by their particular interests and goals.  Courses in this area should be planned with and approved by the Program Committee.

Dissertation (15 credit hours)

  • Doctoral Proposal Preparation (3)

  • Doctoral Dissertation (12)

Program Coordinator

Jim Scheurich (317-274-6801;

Academic Bulletins

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