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School of Education
Bloomington and Indianapolis

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Departmental Phone Number: (812) 856-8504

(Please note that when conferring University Graduate School degrees, minors, certificates, and sub-plans, The University Graduate School’s staff use those requirements contained only in The University Graduate School Bulletin.)



Degree Offered

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is offered through the University Graduate School. In addition, the School of Education offers the Master of Science (M.S.) in Education, the Specialist in Education (Ed.S.), and the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degrees. (See the School of Education Graduate Pro­gram Bulletin.)

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Fields of Study

Counseling psychology; curriculum and instruction; learn­ing and developmental sciences; higher education; history, philosophy and policy studies in education; inquiry methodol­ogy; instructional systems technology; language education; urban education; and special education.

Program of Studies

The Ph.D. degree with a major in education is pursued under the direction of a committee appointed by the University Graduate School and the School of Education. As with other Graduate School doctoral programs, a minimum of 90 credit hours of course work is required. This includes a major (se­lected from the fields of study listed previously), a minor, a series of research courses, and a dissertation. Written and oral qualifying examinations are taken following course work; a final oral defense of the dissertation research completes the program. Up to 30 credit hours of graduate course work may be transferred from other universities, with the approval of the advisory committee.


Admission recommendations are made by program area and School of Education admission committees and are based on graduate and undergraduate grades (especially in academic courses), scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and letters of recommendation. The TOEFL examination is required for all international applicants. Online applications may be accessed through the School of Education Office of Graduate Studies Web site at above URL.

Students earning a Ph.D. degree in education must fulfill all re­quirements of the University Graduate School (as found in this bulletin) and of the School of Education (as found in the School of Education Graduate Program Bulletin).

Academic Bulletins

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