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School of Education Faculty


Regular Faculty
Adjunct, Part-Time, and Visiting Faculty
Emeritus Faculty

Regular Faculty

Adomat, Donna, Ed.D. (University of Pennsylvania, 2005) Assistant Professor

Akerson, Valarie, Ph.D. (Oregon State University, 1997) Associate Professor

Alant, Erna, Ph.D. (University of Pretoria, 1984) Professor & Otting Chair

Alexander, Joyce, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 1992) Associate Professor & Chair - Department of Counseling & Educational Psychology

Allen, Darlene, M.S. (Indiana University, 1975) Lecturer

Anderson, Jeffrey, Ph.D. (University of South Florida, 1998) Associate Professor

Appelman, Robert, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1993) Clinical Associate Professor

Baird, Kate, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1994) Clinical Assistant Professor

Banta, Trudy W., Ed.D. (University of Tennessee, 1967) Professor

Barab, Sasha A., Ph.D. (University of Connecticut, 1997) Professor & Jacobs Chair

Barman, Charles, Ed.D. (University of Northern Colorado, 1974) Professor

Barman, Natalie, M.S.T. (University of Wisconsin, 1975) Lecturer

Bartholomew, Samantha S., Ph.D. (University of California, Riverside, 2006) Assistant Professor

Barton, Keith C., Ed.D. (University of Kentucky, 1994) Professor

Bean, John P., Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1978) Associate Professor

Bellini, Scott C., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2002) Assistant Professor

Berghoff, Beth, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1995) Associate Professor

Bichelmeyer, Barbara, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1991) Associate Professor

Blackwell, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (University of Maryland, 1977) Associate Professor

Blackwell, Susan, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1993) Clinical Lecturer

Boling, Elizabeth, M.F.A. (Indiana University, 1983) Associate Professor & Chair - Department of Instructional Systems Technology

Bonk, Curtis J., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1989) Professor

Boyle-Baise, Marilynne, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1982) Professor

Brown, Catherine, Ed.D. (University of Georgia, 1985) Professor

Brown, Nathaniel, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 2007) Acting Assistant Professor

Brush, Thomas, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1995) Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Teacher Education

Buck, Gayle, Ph.D. (Kent State University, 1998) Associate Professor

Bull, Barry L., Ph.D. (Cornell University, 1979) Professor

Butera, Gretchen, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara, 1992) Associate Professor

Buzzelli, Cary A., Ph.D. (Georgia State University, 1985) Professor & Chair - Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Campano, Gerald, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania, 2003) Assistant Professor

Carspecken, Phil, Ph.D. (Aston University (England), 1987) Professor

Carter, Stephanie, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University, 2001) Associate Professor

Caulfield, Richard, M.S. (Indiana University, 1972) Lecturer

Chafel, Judith A., Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1979) Professor

Chapman, Carrie, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2002) Clinical Assistant Professor

Chiang, Hsu-Min, M.Ed. (Monash University, 2003) Acting Assistant Professor

Chism, Nancy, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1982) Professor

Cho, Yonjoo, Ph.D. (University of Texas, Austin, 1995) Assistant Professor

Coronel-Molina, Serafin, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania, 2006) Assistant Professor

Cowan, Peter, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 2002) Assistant Professor

Cross, Dionne, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 2007) Assistant Professor

Crow, Gary, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, 1985) Professor

Cummings, Jack, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 1980) Professor

Damico, James, Ph.D. (Michigan State University, 2003) Assistant Professor

Danish, Joshua, M.A. (University of California, Los Angeles, 2005) Acting Assistant Professor

Danns, Dionne, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 2001) Assistant Professor

Dare, Mary Jo, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 2001) Clinical Associate Professor

Delandshere, Ginette, Ph.D. (University of California, 1986) Professor

Dennis, Barbara, Ph.D. (University of Houston, 1998) Associate Professor

DeSawal, Danielle, M.Ed. (University of Arkansas, 2000) Clinical Assistant Professor

Duffy, Thomas M., Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1969) Professor and Jacobs Chair 1998-2000

Eckes, Suzanne, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 2002) Assistant Professor

Erwin, Barbara J., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1987) Clinical Associate Professor

Estell, David, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2001) Associate Professor

Fisher, Mary, Ph.D. (University of Virginia, 1996) Associate Professor

Flessner, Ryan, M.A. (Columbia University, 2002) Assistant Professor

Flinders, David, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1987) Professor

Frick, Theodore, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1984) Associate Professor

Galindo, Enrique, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1994) Associate Professor

Gilman, Lynn, M.S. (Indiana University, 1999) Clinical Lecturer

Gonzalez, Gerardo, Ph.D. (University of Florida, 1978) Professor & University Dean

Goodman, Jesse, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1982) Professor

Gray, E. Catherine, M.A. (University of Texas, Austin, 1986) Clinical Lecturer

Gresalfi, Melissa, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 2004) Assistant Professor

Hackenberg, Amy, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 2005) Assistant Professor

Hall, D. Ted, Ph.D. (Michigan State University, 2005) Assistant Professor

Hay, Kenneth, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1991) Associate Professor

Haynes, Ray, Ph.D. (University of Louisville, 2003) Assistant Professor

Helfenbein, Robert J., Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2004) Assistant Professor

Hickey, Dan, Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University, 1996) Associate Professor

Hill, Crystal, M.A.T. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2001) Assistant Professor

Hines, Mary Beth, Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1992) Associate Professor & Chair - Department of Language Education

Hossler, Carol Anne, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1997) Clinical Associate Professor

Hossler, Donald, Ph.D. (Claremont Graduate School, 1979) Professor & Executive Associate Dean

Huberty, Thomas J., Ph.D. (University of Missouri, 1980) Professor

Hughes, Robin, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University, 2001) Assistant Professor

Jamison, Sharon, Ph.D. (Ohio University, 2000) Clinical Lecturer

Kastberg, Signe, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 2002) Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Kelceoglu, Ilknur, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 2006) Clinical Assistant Professor

Keller, Deborah, Ph.D. (Purdue University, 2004) Lecturer

Keller, Melissa, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2002) Clinical Assistant Professor

Kloosterman, Peter, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1984) Professor

Knapczyk, Dennis, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1972) Professor

Kuh, George D., Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1975) Professor & Chancellor’s Professor

Kunzman, Robert, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 2003) Associate Professor

Lackey, Lara, Ph.D. (University of British Columbia [Canada], 1997) Associate Professor

Lambdin, Diana, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1988) Professor & Armstrong Chair

Leftwich, Anne, Ph.D. (Purdue University, 2007) Assistant Professor

Leland, Christine, Ed.D. (Boston University, 1986) Professor

Lesh, Richard, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1971) Professor & Rudy Professor of Learning Sciences

Levinson, Bradley, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1993) Associate Professor

Lewison, Mitzi, Ph.D. (University of Southern California, 1994) Associate Professor

Lopez, Gerardo, Ph.D. (University of Texas at Austin, 1999) Associate Professor

Magee, Paula, Ph.D. (City University of New York, 1992) Clinical Assistant Professor

Maltese, Adam, Ph.D. (University of Virginia, 2008) Assistant Professor

Manifold, Marjorie, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1999) Assistant Professor

Mank, David, Ph.D. (University of Oregon, 1985) Professor

Martinez, Rebecca, Ph.D. (University of Texas, 2002) Assistant Professor

Martinez, Sylvia, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, 2006) Assistant Professor

Mason, Terrance C., Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles, 1986) Professor

Matern, Carol, M.A. (Ball State University, 1980) Clinical Senior Lecturer

McCarthy, Martha M., Ph.D. (University of Florida, 1975) Professor, Chancellor’s Professor, & Chair - Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

McCarty, Luise P., Ph.D. (Florida State University, 1990) Associate Professor

McClain, Leana, M.S. (Indiana University, 1996) Clinical Senior Lecturer

McCormick, Alexander C., Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1996) Associate Professor

McCrea, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1980) Clinical Associate Professor

McMullen, Mary B., Ph.D. (Florida State University, 1992) Professor & Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Medina, Carmen, Ph.D. (Ohio State University, 2000) Assistant Professor

Medina, Monica, M.S. (Indiana University, 1979) Clinical Lecturer

Mikulecky, Larry J., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1970) Professor

Morran, Keith, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1980) Professor

Morrone, Anastasia S., Ph.D. (University of Texas, Austin, 1992) Associate Professor & Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning Information Technologies

Murtadha, Khaula, Ph.D. (Miami University, 1994) Associate Professor

Mutegi, Jomo W., Ph.D. (Florida State University, 1997)

Nelson Laird, Thomas, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 2003) Assistant Professor

Nyikos, Martha, Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1987) Associate Professor

Ochoa, Theresa, Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara, 1999) Associate Professor

Ociepka, Anne T., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2003) Clinical Assistant Professor

Park Rogers, Meredith, Ph.D. (University of Missouri, Columbia, 2006) Assistant Professor

Pawan, Faridah, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1995) Assistant Professor

Peng, Chao-Ying Joanne, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1979) Professor

Peppler, Kylie, Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles, 2007) Assistant Professor

Pershing, James A., Ph.D. (University of Missouri, 1975) Professor

Plucker, Jonathan A., Ph.D. (University of Virginia, 1995) Professor

Pocock, Aija, Ph.D. (Ball State University, 1984) Clinical Assistant Professor

Priest, Douglas, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1984) Associate Professor

Reigeluth, Charles, Ph.D. (Brigham Young University, 1977) Professor

Ridley, Charles R., Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1978) Professor

Robison, Floyd F., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1982) Associate Professor

Rogan, Patricia M., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1987) Professor & Executive Associate Dean

Rosario, Jose R., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1976) Professor

Ross, Heidi, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1987) Professor

Sailes, JaDora, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1996) Clinical Assistant Professor

Samuelson, Beth Lewison, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 2004) Assistant Professor

Schertz, Hannah, Ph.D. (University of Indiana, 2005) Assistant Professor

Schuster, Dwight, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 2005) Assistant Professor

Sexton, Thomas, Ph.D. (Florida State University, 1986) Professor

Seybold, Joy, Ph.D. (Purdue University, 2004)

Shafiq, M. Najeeb, Ph.D. (Columbia University, 2005) Assistant Professor

Sherwood, Robert, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1980) Professor & Associate Dean for Research and Development

Siegel, Martin A., Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1973) Professor & Executive Associate Dean, Informatics

Skiba, Russell, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1987) Professor

Smith, Joshua, Ph.D. (University at Albany, 2002) Assistant Professor

Smith, W. Raymond, Ph.D. (University of Missouri, Columbia, 1992) Assistant Professor

Stachowski, Laura, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1994) Clinical Professor

Steinfeldt, Jesse, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2007) Assistant Professor

Stephenson, Jane, M.Ed. (George Mason University, 1982) Assistant Professor

Stockton, Rex A., Ed.D. (Ball State University, 1968) Professor & Chancellor’s Professor

Stright, Anne D., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1994) Associate Professor

Sutton, Margaret, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1991) Associate Professor

Teemant, Annela, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1997) Assistant Professor

Temple, Eugene R., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1985) Professor

Theobald, Neil D., Ph.D. (University of Washington, 1988) Professor & Vice President & Chief Financial Officer for Indiana University

Thompson, Chalmer E., Ph.D. (University of Maryland, College Park, 1988) Associate Professor

Tillema, Erik, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 2007) Assistant Professor

Torres, Vasti, Ph.D. (University of Georgia, 1997) Associate Professor

Toutkoushian, Robert, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1991) Associate Professor

Tracy, Michael L., Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1969) Associate Professor

Vallance, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1975) Associate Professor

Vaughan, Ellen, Ph.D. (University of Miami, Coral Gables, 2006) Assistant Professor

Walcott, Crystal, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Assistant Professor

Waldron, Mary, Ph.D. (University of Virginia, 2004) Assistant Professor

Walton, Andrea, Ph.D. (Columbia University, 1995) Associate Professor

Weis, Patricia, M.S. (Indiana University, 1987) Clinical Lecturer

Whiston, Susan, Ph.D. (University of Wyoming, 1986) Professor

Winikates, Debra, Ed.D. (University of Houston, 1995) Clinical Assistant Professor

Wohlwend, Karen, Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 2007) Assistant Professor

Wolf, Barbara, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1977) Professor

Wong, Y. Joel, Ph.D. (University of Texas, Austin, 2007) Assistant Professor

Wood, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 2005) Assistant Professor

Yang, Xiangdong, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 2003) Assistant Professor

Yazzie-Mintz, Tarajean, Ed.D. (Harvard University, 2002) Assistant Professor

Yoder, Gina B., M.A. (Ball State University, 2002) Clinical Lecturer

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Adjunct, Part-Time, and Visiting Faculty

Adams, Don, M.S. (Indiana State University, 1966) Visiting Lecturer

Adams, Karen, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1995) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Adamson, Susan, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2004) Academic Specialist

Akey, Terri, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1995) Visiting Assistant Scientist

Albright, Mary, M.S. (Indiana University, 1976) Adjunct Lecturer

Anderson, Kathy, M.A. (Syracuse University, 1986) Research Associate

Ansaldo, James, M.A.T. (Quinniprac College, 1994) Adjunct Professor

Bagwell, Dave, M.S. (Indiana University, 1997) Adjunct Lecturer

Ballard, Kathy, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 2001) Adjunct Lecturer

Baratta, Ana, M.S. (Indiana University, 2003) Adjunct Lecturer

Baron, Lynne, M.S. (Butler University, 1969) Adjunct Lecturer

Baxter, Jacquelyn, M.A. (Indiana University, 1972) Adjunct Lecturer

Becker, Chad, M.A. (Purdue University, 2002) Adjunct Lecturer

Beebe, E. Rick, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1972) Visiting Scholar

Beebe, Ronald, Psy.D. (University of Indianapolis, 2005) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Benbow, Larry, Ph.D. (Walden University, 1980) Adjunct Lecturer

Berg, Kathleen, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 1978) Adjunct Lecturer

Beriswill, Joanne, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2007) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Berry, Linda, M.S. (Syracuse University, 1960) Adjunct Lecturer

Bill, Brian, M.S. (Indiana University, 2003) Adjunct Lecturer

Binford, Paul, M.A. (Florida Atlantic University, 1990) Adjunct Lecturer

Bizzari, Janice, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1973) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Bobay, Keith, M.S. (Indiana University, 1981) Adjunct Lecturer

Bragg, Anna, M.S. (Indiana University, 2003) Adjunct Lecturer

Branon, Rovy, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Adjunct Lecturer

BrckaLorenz, Allison, M.A. (University of Iowa, 2004) Research Associate

Brinklow, Nancy, M.S. (Purdue University, 1974) Adjunct Lecturer

Briscoe, Howard, Ed.S. (Indiana University, 1983) Adjunct Lecturer

Brown, Courtney, Ph.D. (University of Virginia, 1997) Assistant Scientist

Burnell, Kathleen, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1991) Adjunct Lecturer

Burroughs, Nathan, M.P.A. (University of Georgia, 1998) Visiting Research Associate

Butera, Alexis, M.S. (Indiana University, 2005) Adjunct Lecturer

Butler, Jeannine, M.S. (Indiana University, 1962) Adjunct Lecturer

Byers, Julia, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1997) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Calabrese, Joann, M.S. (Indiana University, 1969) Adjunct Lecturer

Carroll, Stephen, B.A. (University of Texas, 1980) Adjunct Lecturer

Cekic, Osman, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2008) Visiting Lecturer

Chamberlain, Todd, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Research Associate

Chamness, Mary, M.S. (Indiana University, 1981) Adjunct Lecturer

Chang, Young, Ph.D. (Kyung Hee University [South Korea], 1993) Research Associate

Chapa, Jorge, Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley, 1988) Adjunct Professor

Chapin, G. Keith, Ph.D. (Michigan State University, 1995) Part-time Clinical Associate Professor

Chen, Chien-han, M.A. (Tawkawg University, 2006) Adjunct Lecturer

Chen, Pu-Shih, Ph.D. (Florida State University, 2005) Assistant Scientist

Chen, Shu-Min, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1995) Visiting Scholar

Chia-Smith, Yun-Dih, Ph.D. (State University of New York, Albany, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Chung, Choong-Geun, M.A. (Indiana University, 1995) Research Associate

Cole, Cassandra, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1995) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Cole, James, Ph.D. (University of Missouri, Columbia, 2007) Research Associate

Cole, Mary, M.S. (Indiana University, 2006) Academic Specialist

Conn-Powers, Michael, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1982) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Cotton, Eileen, Ph.D. (University of Maryland, 1979) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Courtney, Robert, M.Ed. (Indiana University, 1980) Adjunct Lecturer

Crowe, Terry, M.S. (Purdue University, 1973) Adjunct Lecturer

Danyluk, Catherine J., M.S. (Indiana University, 1984) Adjunct Lecturer

Davidson, Nathan, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 2003) Adjunct Lecturer

Davis, Carol, M.Ed. (University of Cincinnati, 1998) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Davis, John, M.S. (Indiana University, 1976) Adjunct Lecturer

Deckard, Kathy, M.A. (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2002) Research Associate

DeVaney, Cynthia, M.S. (Ball State University, 1972) Adjunct Lecturer

Dever, Matt, J.D./M.S. (Indiana University) Visiting Scholar

Diersing, Catherine, M.S. (Butler University, 1995) Visiting Lecturer

Dormant, Diane, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1976) Adjunct Associate Professor

Dorsey, Denise, M.Ed. (Indiana Wesleyan University, 1993) Adjunct Lecturer

Dunn, Kelly, M.S. (Indiana University, 1996) Adjunct Lecturer

East, Debra, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2005) Adjunct Lecturer

Edington, Michelle, M.A. (Ball State University, 1991) Adjunct Lecturer

Elkins, Hope, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1992) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Emmert, Dave, J.D. (Indiana University, 1977) Adjunct Lecturer

Essex, Kathy, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Visiting Research Associate

Fallah, Finda Betty-Connie, M.S. (Southern Illinois University, 2002) Adjunct Lecturer

Fish, Deborah, M.S. (Indiana University, 1976) Adjunct Lecturer

Fleck, Matthew, M.A. (Indiana University, 1994) Adjunct Lecturer

Flynn, Sarah, M.S. (Indiana University, 2004) Visiting Lecturer

Frymier, Barbra, M.A. (Indiana State University, 1966) Adjunct Lecturer

Frymier, Brook, M.A.T. (Indiana University, 1968) Adjunct Lecturer

Gallagher, Kevin, M.S. (Indiana University, 1995) Adjunct Lecturer

Gaskill, Saraj, M.A. (American University, 1984) Research Associate

Gates, Melvinda, M.S. (Indiana University, 1980) Adjunct Lecturer

Genth, Gene, M.A. (Indiana State University, 1975) Visiting Lecturer

Gerdt, Cheryl, M.S. (Indiana University, 1986) Adjunct Lecturer

Gibboney, Pamela, M.S. (Indiana University, South Bend, 1974) Adjunct Lecturer

Giles, Frank, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Gill, Lonni, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2004) Visiting Lecturer

Glesing, Linda Lou, M.A. (Indiana University, 1977) Adjunct Lecturer

Gonyea, Robert, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 2005) Assistant Scholar

Gould, Karen, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1986) Adjunct Lecturer

Green, Ruth, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University, 1998) Visiting Research Associate

Grimes, Robbie, M.S. (Indiana University, 1997) Adjunct Lecturer

Gross, Paul, M.P.A. (Indiana University, 2004) Visiting Research Associate

Grossi, Teresa, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1991) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Gunkel, Patricia, M.A. (Ball State University, 1972) Adjunct Lecturer

Hagedorn, James, M.S. (Indiana State University, 1977) Adjunct Lecturer

Hallett, Karen, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1997) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Halter, Leroy (Bill), M.S. (Indiana University, 1971) Adjunct Lecturer

Hanna, Ruth, M.A. (Indiana University, 1977) Adjunct Lecturer

Hansen, John, M.S. (Indiana University, 2003) Visiting Research Associate

Harris, Laura, M.S. (Indiana University, 1979) Adjunct Lecturer

Hau, Sun Kuo, Ph.D. (National Kaohsiung Normal University [Taiwan], 1997) Visiting Scholar

Hauss, Sharon, M.A. (Indiana University, 1997) Adjunct Lecturer

Hegarty, Charles Boyd, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2007) Visiting Research Associate

Henderson, Michelle, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 1987) Visiting Research Associate

Hoagland, Matthew, M.A. (Indiana University, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Hobson, Kristin, M.P.H. (Indiana University, 2005) Research Associate

Hoffman, Lauren, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 2007) Visiting Instructor

Honebein, Peter, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1994) Visiting Scholar

Hornibrook, Lisa, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1994) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Horvath, Barbara, M.A. (Indiana University, 1981) Adjunct Lecturer

Houser, Linda L., Ph.D. (Indiana State University, 1993) Assistant Dean

Howland, Allison, M.S.Ed. (Indiana University, 2004) Visiting Assistant Professor

Hudson, Judy, Ed.S. (Indiana University, 1990) Adjunct Lecturer

Huh, Seonmin, M.A. (Hankuk University [South Korea], 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Hume, Kara, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2007) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Hung, Shao-Ting, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Icenogle, Andrea, M.S. (Indiana University, 1996) Adjunct Lecturer

Jacobs, Bruce A., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1995) Adjunct Associate Professor

Jacobs, R. Denise, Ed.S. (Indiana University, 1987) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jameson, Ellen, M.S. E.S. (Indiana University, 2007) Visiting Research Associate

Jin, Sung Hee, M.A. (Seoul National University [South Korea], 2003) Visiting Scholar

Keefer, Robert, M.A. (Indiana University, 2005) Adjunct Lecturer

Kelley, Bonnie, M.A. (College of Mount Saint Joseph, 1987) Adjunct Lecturer

Kelley, Kenneth III, Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame, 2005) Assistant Professor

Kim, Dae Hyun, Ph.D. (Pusan National University [South Korea], 1992) Visiting Scholar

Kim, Joeng-Kyoum, Ph.D. (Chungnam National University [South Korea], 1997) Visiting Scholar

Kim, Myonghee, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Adjunct Assistant Professor

King, Claire, M.A.E. (Arcadia University, 1998) Academic Specialist

King, Mindy Hightower, Ph.D. (University of California, Irvine, 1999) Assistant Scientist

Kinzie, Jillian, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2000) Assistant Research Scientist

Kirkley, Jamie, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kizer, Stacey, M.S. (Middle Tennesse State University, 2003) Visiting Research Associate

Knuth, Randy, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1992) Visiting Professor

Korkmaz, Ali, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2006) Research Associate

Ku, Ta-Teh, M.A. (New York University, 1997) Visiting Lecturer

Lagoni, Sandra, M.A. (University of Indianapolis, 1966) Adjunct Lecturer

Lambert, Amber, Ph.D. (Penn State, 2008) Assistant Scientist

Lanz, Ellyn, M.A.T. (Indiana University, 1970) Visiting Lecturer

Lee, Duwon, Ph.D. (Southern Illinois University, 1993) Visiting Scholar

Lee, Ji-Yon, Ed.D. (Pusan National University [South Korea], 2006) Visiting Scholar

Lee, Yoo-Jean, M.A. (Indiana University, 2006) Adjunct Lecturer

Leeth, Jane, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Lehmann, Donna, M.S. (Indiana University, 2007) Adjunct Lecturer

Lemming, Emily, Ed.S. (Indiana University, 1989) Visiting Lecturer

Lieber, Frederic, M.S. (Indiana University, 1983) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Lilley, Shelley, M.S. (Jacksonville State, 1991) Visiting Lecturer

Lin, Nai-Hui, Ph.D. (National Kaohsiung Normal University [Taiwan], 1999) Visiting Scholar

Lipford, Sharon C., M.A. (Indiana University, 1995) Adjunct Lecturer

Little, Charles, M.A.T. (Binghampton University, 1971) Academic Specialist

Logterman, Beverly, M.S. (Purdue University, 1969) Adjunct Lecturer

Lorenzen-Huber, Lesa, Ph.D. (University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1989) Part-time Clinical Assistant Professor

Magee, Barry, B.A. (University of Arizona, 1985) Adjunct Lecturer

Mannell, David B., M.S. (Indiana University, 2002) Adjunct Lecturer

Mayfield, Jon, M.S. (Indiana State University, 1967) Adjunct Lecturer

McLaughlin, Sky, Ph.D. (University of Liverpool (United Kingdom), 2006) Academic Specialist

Meunier, Lisa, M.S. (Indiana University, 2000) Adjunct Lecturer

Michael, Robert, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1994) Assistant Research Scientist

Middendorf, Joan K., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1991) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Miller, Tammy, M.S. (Butler University, 1991) Adjunct Lecturer

Mongold, Gregory, M.S. (Indiana University, 1980) Adjunct Lecturer

Moon, Young-In, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1996) Visiting Scholar

Morgan, Jill, M.S. (Indiana University, 1977) Adjunct Lecturer

Moss, Marcey, Ph.D. (South Dakota University, 2001) Assistant Scientist

Mullendore, Susan, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1988) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Muller, Patricia A., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1999) Assistant Research Scientist

Murzyn, Debbie, Ed. S. (Indiana University, 1992) Research Associate

Odom, Samuel, Ph.D. (University of Washington, 1982) Adjunct Professor

Ouimet, Judith, Ph.D. (University of Texas, Austin, 1998) Assistant Scientist

Oxley, Amy, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 1998) Adjunct Lecturer

Palmer, Megan, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 2003) Adjunct Lecturer

Pappas, Victoria, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1982) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Payne, Tim, M.S. (Indiana University, 1970) Adjunct Lecturer

Pedersen, Joan, Ed.D. (George Mason University, 1988) Visiting Lecturer

Peek, Erika, B.S. (Indiana University, 1997) Adjunct Lecturer

Perry, Jon D., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1992) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Pillar, David, M.S. (Indiana Wesleyan University, 2005) Adjunct Lecturer

Pizzo, Rosemarie, M.S. (Indiana University, 2002) Visiting Lecturer

Poage, Kristin, M.A. (Indiana University, 2003) Adjunct Lecturer

Poindexter, Betty S., Ed.D. (Ball State University, 1985) Part-time Associate Professor

Pomeroy, Kathleen Harpole, M.S. (Indiana University, 1999) Adjunct Lecturer

Prapinwong, Maline, M.S. (Southern Illinois University, 2001) Adjunct Lecturer

Pratt, Cathy, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1992) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Price, Janis, M.A.T. (DePauw University, 1984) Adjunct Lecturer

Puthikanon, Nunthik, M.A. (California State University, Northridge, 1999) Adjunct

Qargha, Ghulam, M.S. (George Mason University, 2006) Academic Specialist

Quimby, Kara, B.S. (Indiana University, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Ray, Joanna, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 2005) Adjunct Lecturer

Raymond, Cathy, M.A. (Indiana University, 1996) Academic Specialist

Reagan, Roberta, M.S. (Indiana University, 2003) Adjunct Lecturer

Reed, Richard B., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1976) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Reiner, Rise, M.A. (Indiana Wesleyan University, 1994) Adjunct Lecturer

Rhoda, Jennifer, M.S. (Indiana University, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Richardson, Ruth, M.S. (Indiana University, 1978) Adjunct Lecturer

Richhart, Billie, B.S. (Indiana University, 1999) Adjunct Lecturer

Richter, Kurt, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 2007) Post-Doc

Rickerby, Kari, M.Ed. (Indiana University, 2005) Adjunct Lecturer

Ricklin, Bruce, M.A.T. (Indiana University, 1992) Adjunct Lecturer

Ritter, Shana, M.A. (State University of New York, Buffalo, 1976) Research Associate

Roames, Richard, Ed.D. (University of Akron, 1986) Visiting Assistant Professor

Roberts, Elizabeth, Ed.S. (Butler University, 1996) Adjunct Lecturer

Robillard, Margaret, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Robinson, Sharon, M.W. (Indiana University, 1973) Adjunct Lecturer

Ropa, Stephanie, M.S. (Butler University, 1985) Adjunct Lecturer

Rouge, Emily, PhD. (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2006) Visiting Assistant Scientist

Sarraf, Shimon, M.S. (Indiana University, 1999) Research Associate

Saxman, Ray (Francis), Ed.D. (Ball State University, 1971) Adjunct Lecturer

Schaaf, Larry, M.S. (Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis, 2002) Adjunct Lecturer

Schmaleensee, Stephanie, B.S. (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2004) Visiting Research Associate

Schultz, Virginia, M.S. (Butler University, 1977) Adjunct Lecturer

Schuyler, Paul, Ed.S. (Purdue University, 1981) Adjunct Lecturer

Schwartzkopf, Marilyn, M.Ed. (Mercer University, 1982) Adjunct Lecturer

Shedd, Jill, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1987) Research Associate

Shields, Margaret, M.S. (Indiana University, 1996) Adjunct Lecturer

Shoup, Dennis, M.S.Ed. (Indiana University, 2006) Adjunct Lecturer

Shoup, Thomas, M.A. (University of North Carolina, Charlotte, 2000) Research Associate

Simmons, Ada, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1996) Assistant Research Scientist

Skirvin, Donald, M.S. (Indiana University, 1978) Adjunct Lecturer

Smith, Victor, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1977) Part-time Lecturer

Sokol, Jacqualine, M.A. (California State University, Northridge, 1981) Adjunct Lecturer

Soto, Nelson, M.Ed. (University of Cincinnati, 2000) Adjunct Lecturer

Sparks, Tyler, M.S. (Indiana University, 2005) Visiting Research Associate

Spradlin, Terry, M.Ed. (Indiana University, 1980) Research Associate

Stafford, Phil, M.S. (Indiana University, 1961) Adjunct Lecturer

Strange, Rebecca, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1986) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Stuckey, Bronwyn E., Ph.D. (University of New South Wales [Australia], 2005) Visiting Scholar

Sun, Chia-Ho, M.A.E. (Western Kentucky University, 2005) Adjunct Lecturer

Sweeney, Elizabeth, M.S. (Indiana University, 2007) Adjunct Lecturer

Temple, Karen, M.S. (Indiana University, 1976) Adjunct Lecturer

Thinsan, Snea, M.Ed. (University of Sydney [Australia], 1994) Visiting Scholar

Timmons, Mike, M.A. (Ball State University, 1972) Adjunct Lecturer

Toth, Paul, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1994) Part-time Assistant Professor

Wachtel, Roger, M.S. (Butler University, 1990) Adjunct Lecturer

Walters, Jennifer, M.S. (Indiana University, 1978) Adjunct Lecturer

Watkins, Lindsay, J.D. (Indiana University, 2005) Research Associate

Watson, Thomas, M.F.A. (Vermont College, 1995) Adjunct Lecturer

White, Nancy, Ed.S. (Indiana University, 1985) Adjunct Lecturer

Whitmore, Wendy, M.S. (Indiana University, 2004) Adjunct Lecturer

Whitney, Karen, Ph.D. (University of Texas, Austin, 2003) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Williams, Harold, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1984) Adjunct Assistant Professor

Williams, Howard, M.S. (Ball State University, 1972) Adjunct Lecturer

Williams, Janice, M.S. (Saint Francis College, 1968) Adjunct Lecturer

Williams, Julie M., M.Ed. (Loyola University, Chicago, 1997) Research Associate

Wilson, Patricia, M.S. (Indiana University, 1978) Adjunct Lecturer

Wishmeyer, Gary, M.A. (Northeast Missouri State University, 1967) Adjunct Lecturer

Woodward, Gina, M.S. (Butler University, 1976) Adjunct Lecturer

Wylie, Barbara, M.S. (Southwest State University, 2001) Adjunct Lecturer

Yazzie-Mintz, Ethan, Ed.D. (Harvard University, 2003) Assistant Scientist

Yi, Xiaoming, Ed.D. (Nanjing Normal University [China], 2004) Visiting Scholar

Ziskin, Mary, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 2004) Research Associate

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Emeritus Faculty

Abel, Billy, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1970)

Aldrich, Anita, Ed.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 1957)

Andersen, Hans O., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1966)

Anderson, Jean, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1968)

Arnove, Robert, Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1969)

Barnes, Ronald, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1978)

Becker, James M., M.A. (University of Minnesota, 1949)

Bennett, Christine, Ph.D. (University of Texas, 1972)

Berkley, Dean F., Ed.D. (University of Denver, 1954)

Best, William P., Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1968)

Bhola, Harbans, Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1965)

Brantlinger, Ellen, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1978)

Brill, Arthur D., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1969)

Britton, Ronald B., Ed.D. (University of Missouri, 1972)

Brogneaux, John P., P.E. Dir. (Indiana University, 1948)

Brown, Lawrence D., Ed.D. (University of Illinois, 1962)

Buffie, Edward G., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1962)

Burrello, Leonard, Ed.D. (Syracuse University, 1969)

Campbell, Larry, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1968)

Carlson, Ronald P., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1971)

Carter, Ledford C., M.S. (Indiana University, 1954)

Chiappetta, Michael, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1950)

Clark, Gilbert A., Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1972)

Cohen, Michael R., Ph.D. (Cornell University, 1968)

Cunningham, Donald, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1969)

Davies, Ivor K., Ph.D. (University of Nottingham [United Kingdom], 1967)

Davis, Betty Joe, Ph.D. (Wayne State University, 1975)

Dehnke, Ronald E., Ed.D. (Wayne State University, 1966)

Dever, Richard, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1968)

Draper, Merle, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1965)

Dvorak, Earl A., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1951)

Ebbert, J. Marvin, Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1964)

Ehman, Lee, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1969)

Eklund, Susan, Ph.D. (George Peabody College, 1970)

Englander, Meryl E., Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1957)

Faris, K. Gene, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1959)

Farr, Roger, Ed.D. (State University of New York, 1967)

Fink, Albert, Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1970)

Fleming, Malcolm L., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1960)

Froehle, Thomas D., Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1967)

Gabel, Dorothy L., Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1974)

Gibson, Robert L., Ed.D. (Teachers College, Columbia University, 1956)

Goud, Nelson H., Ph.D. (Michigan State University, 1967)

Gousha, Richard P., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1960)

Gregory, Thomas, Ph.D. (University of Texas, 1969)

Grigsby, Clifford E., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1971)

Guskin, Samuel L., Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, 1958)

Hall, Dale J., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1965)

Harris, Robert, Ed.D. (University of Illinois, 1970)

Harste, Jerome C., Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1971)

Hart, Stuart, Ph.D. (Indiana State University, 1972)

Heinich, Robert, Ph.D. (University of Southern California, 1967)

Holland, Ruth E., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1967)

Horn, Ernest W., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1956)

Hubbard, Guy A., Ph.D. (Stanford University, 1963)

Ingersoll, Gary M., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University, 1970)

Jacobs, Lucy C., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1961)

Jenkinson, Edward B., M.A. (Indiana University, 1956)

Jwaideh, Alice R., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1968)

Kinman, David, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1972)

Klein, Susan, Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1968)

Kurpius, DeWayne J., Ed.D. (University of North Dakota, 1964)

Lang, Duaine C., Ed.D. (University of Nebraska, 1957)

LeBlanc, John F., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1968)

Lester, Frank K., Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1972)

Lynch, William W., Jr., Ph.D. (Yale University, 1950)

Maccia, George S., Ph.D. (University of Southern California, 1952)

Mahan, James M., Ed.D. (Syracuse University, 1968)

Mannan, Golam, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1967)

Marker, Gerald W., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1970)

Marten, Milton E., Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1958)

McBurney, Wendell F., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1967)

McClellan, B. Edward, Ph.D. (Northwestern University, 1967)

McIntosh, Jerry A., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1963)

McKinley, John, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1960)

McQuigg, R. Bruce, Ed.D. (University of Colorado, 1962)

Mehlinger, Howard, Ph.D. (University of Kansas, 1964)

Mitchell, Marianne, Ed.D. (University of Toledo, 1964)

Moldstad, John A., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1953)

Molenda, Michael H., Ph.D. (Syracuse University, 1971)

Mueller, Daniel J., Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1969)

Newman, Anabel P., Ed.D. (State University of New York, Buffalo, 1971)

Ochoa, Anna, Ph.D. (University of Washington, 1970)

Overly, Norman V., Ph.D. (The Ohio State University, 1966)

Pace, Vernon D., Ed.D (Indiana University, 1967)

Patrick, John J., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1969)

Perisho, M. Joan, M.Ed. (Indiana University, 1950)

Polsgrove, Lewis J., Ed.D. (University of Kentucky, 1974)

Prentice, Joan L., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1964)

Preusz, Gerald, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1970)

Pugh, Sharon L., Ed.D (Indiana University, 1978)

Robbins, Edward L., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1971)

Scannell, Dale, Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1958)

Schwen, Thomas, Ph.D. (Indiana University, 1970)

Scott, Myrtle, Ph.D. (George Peabody College, 1969)

Shaffer, Robert H., Ph.D. (New York University, 1945)

Sherman, Mendel, Ed.D. (University of Southern California, 1955)

Silk, David, Ph.D. (University of Maryland, 1972)

Simich-Dudgeon, Carmen, Ph.D. (Georgetown University, 1984)

Small, Don M., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1980)

Smith, Carl B., Ph.D. (Case Western Reserve University, 1967)

Smith, Frederick R., Ph.D. (University of Michigan, 1960)

Smith, Gerald, Ed.D. (Columbia University, 1964)

Smith, Vernon H., Ed.D. (University of Colorado, 1966)

Spear, Josephine, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1952)

Steiner, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (University of Southern California, 1957)

Walden, James D., Ed.D. (University of Illinois, 1963)

Warren, Donald, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, 1968)

Weigand, James E., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1964)

Wilcox, Barbara L., Ed.D. (University of Illinois, 1972)

Wolf, Hugh A., Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1971)

Wood, Leslie A., Ed.D. (Stanford University, 1962)

Woodward, Virginia, Ed.D. (Columbia University, 1967)

Zimmerman, Enid, Ed.D. (Indiana University, 1979)

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